Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Go Easy on Yourself, Tomorrow is Another Day

Today I don't feel like blogging, but I stay committed to at least making an effort. I do not think I have any lessons to impart on this day, but instead share my random thoughts. 

In life nothing ever stays the same. We are in a constant state of change. Even if we do not change, the world around us does and we become stuck. We must move with the natural rhythm of life in order to learn the lessons and get to the next step of our journey.
photo credit - C.K. Correia 2013 All rights reserved
Mason Hall, Tobago

Many of the lessons I've learnt and still learning did not come easy. At first I resisted change. I questioned why and I felt that things should always go my way. Then I matured and realized that it's all a part of life. 

If we don't change but instead constantly question why, our journey becomes more difficult. We can't make excuses or lay blame for our fate in life. We would get nowhere fast. 

Responsibility and acceptance gets us to the other side of our perceived disappointments. It allows us that peace and willpower to truly move on and achieve.

Today I forgave myself for having an "off day." A day to clear my head and slow down. It was obvious that my body needed it too. Yesterday was very busy and today was a welcome change. When I checked my phone for the news, I realized that all is as it should be. I learnt that a pipe ruptured and the road was made impassable with traffic backed up for hours. 

I forgave myself for not working as hard as I wanted to today. I forgave myself for not going to the gym. But I know I made up for it yesterday and the days before. Tonight I continue with that effort and keep on track with my goals.

What do you need to let yourself off the hook for? Go easy on yourself, tomorrow is another day. The world is yours...Take a time out to enjoy it while you can.

Peace & Love

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