Saturday, March 29, 2014

Workshop Success!!

BIG THANKS to all those that came out and supported me at my pilot launch of my workshop today...some all the way from Tobago!

I love you all...would dance at your wedding or baby
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I did it! YaY :-)

Me being overly self-critical...I think there's always room for improvement but here's the feedback received...

Post launch saw me reviewing the evaluation results over margaritas and the survey is in:

What they said:
  • Persons agreed that the content was great: useful and applicable to their life
  • Activities caused reflection and revelations
  • Facilitator appeared knowledgeable and delivery was effective save for minor tweaks...practise makes perfect
  • 97% of participants valued my time and content on the mid to upper end of the scale

Here are a few remarks of some of the participants:

  • "For a pilot it was very informative....Good first session. Continue the journey. You have got the necessary drive and information required to host workshops."

  • "I have attended many workshops of this nature and I was really impressed with this facilitator. She did a lot of research and the content was very informative."

  • "Big things are coming your way...very good pilot...keep at it and greatness will be your reward. Well done."

  • "Engaging, interactive, self-explanatory and warm."

  • "The invitation was much appreciated. Thanks for reminding me that all is not lost and sometimes there are lots to be thankful for."

I thought I could actually exhale now...but the work continues!

More proposals to draft...more edits....more budgeting and packaging of my product...

But I must take a's a long weekend in these parts...will be taking a much needed time-out...

But stay and video coming sooon!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let's Make Some Magic

Hello all,

I've been silent for the past few but all is well/fair in love and war...(being a trini I had to put my own spin on it)...This week went reallly much to little time...

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First things first...I threw my back out on Monday...don't even know how...thank God for my mother the nurse who is a walking pharmacy...did not need to pay precious $$$ for a trip to the doc neither the drug store...I took some tabs and after the third or fourth dose I was as good as new...

Of course I never stopped praying because I was getting a bit worried that the first two tablets did not work and I still had problems walking or straightening up...I've never experienced anything like it was scary...I was in soo much pain. But God is good...everyday...I am better now and that's all that matters. I still can't go to the gym but I'm much improved...I can walk up stairs and everything.

The countdown is on and the moment I was waiting for is almost within first motivational (pilot) workshop around my book - Thinking out now 1 day away...and I'm super excited! I went through so many phases since this idea was originally introduced to me over a year ago...Suddenly in November the idea divinely popped back into my head...and I decided to give it a try...the rest is history. After many long days and nights into mornings...this is itThe defining moment. Though I've gotten good reviews so far...I won't let it go to my head for there's always room for improvement and something can always go wrong (as evidenced from my back incident). 

Even in January I was still having doubts but after I did a dry run with my family and a couple friends...I think my confidence has spiralled and transformed this whole project into a work of art that has the potential to touch and in turn positively impact lives. I am now focussed and clear as to the direction in which I am headed. I am already formulating plans for taking it regional and international. I've been shopping all week and part of last week including tonight for the last finishing touches...did a final site visit today and walked through the set up with the projector at the venue and everything's looking dandy. Can't wait... 

To those special people who will share this moment with me...infinite thanks and blessings to's gonna be just wonderful...

Let's make some magic...

You can still pick up your copy on amazon at 

Or locally at all locations of RIK, Paper Based at Normadie Hotel and Metropolitan Booksellers- Capital Plaza.

Monday, March 24, 2014

4 Ways to Rid Yourself of Toxic People

This article was first published on Elite Daily>>Read more and "like" here:

Let’s face it; we have all encountered negative people in our lives. The ones about whom you sometimes have fleeting, but very bad thoughts?
The ones you wish you could beam out of your midst to the far reaches of the universe. We all wish we didn’t have to deal with that kind of drama, but in the meantime, here are some ways you can try to rid yourself of their effects:

Use psychology

Although I only took two psychology courses in college, I still marvel about how it has helped me to understand the human mind and behavior, including my own.
It is often said that people hurt others when they are nursing some sort of battle wound… it’s a vicious cycle that has to stop with us.
If we pause to consider the real reason behind why a person is hell-bent on being so nasty to us, we can probably come up with a solution to treat with the situation.
I’ve realized that oftentimes, people lash out when they recognize you have something that they want. It could be a characteristic, skill, talent, possession or perhaps, just because you appear to have it together and seem happy on the outside.
The truth is, you never know about the journeys of others, what’s really going on within or what sacrifices and hardships transpired in their lives.
It goes both ways… the grass is not always greener on the other side. Things may be perfect without you even realizing. Each person has different opportunities it’s up to the individual to make the most of what’s going on.

Kill them with kindness

Oftentimes, people use vindictiveness as defense mechanisms. When you realize from where this person is coming, you can simply do the opposite.
Put out their fires with kindness and empathy so they have no choice but to soften their approaches and maybe even try to befriend you. They may also open up and allow you to gain a better understanding of this person’s plight and adjust your own behavior.

Rationalize with them

When you can’t win an argument, try to talk to your rival in a reasonable manner. Explain that you feel hurt when they lash out and say mean things and that you really wish it would be possible to get along.
Sometimes it helps to vocalize your feelings so they have the chance to hear how you really feel while sharing their concerns. You can also use this opportunity to apologize for how you made them feel, wipe the slate clean and attempt to start anew.

Distance is sometimes bliss

When all else fails, put a little distance between you and that other person. If you have to work together, just keep it businesslike and professional. After all, you’re not getting paid to be besties.
Just do your work and keep the chitchat to a bare minimum. If it’s a friend, acquaintance or family member, you must try to be civil.
However, if you begin to see a trend in which this person is constantly making disparaging remarks and killing your joys, you have the option to let the relationship die a natural death, only speaking when absolutely necessary. With some distance between you two, it may be easier to be friendly and love them from afar.
It’s true that people may forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel. Our words have the potential to build up or break down.
Come what may, I make a conscious effort never to repay others with unkindness, which is something we can all strive to do to make this world a better place.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Almost That Time!

As I prepare to launch my pilot workshop, I am tweaking and polishing up the delivery with my family. I am astounded by the results which are truly emotional and rewarding. Who would've thought...

Last night after a much needed workout at the gym (I've lost 4 lbs yay) I practised my presentation with my mother as the audience...I was kind of nervous since she is sometimes hard to please...To my surprise it went extremely well! 

During the activities, she opened up and shared things that she said she never told anyone before...she explained a lot of things about herself that I did not understand until now. And this morning I even noticed a change in her temperament. 

Some Sundays ago I had a similar experience with my older sister when I did a 'dry-run' of the presentation with her. It brought back memories...some pleasant...some that needed to be healed and released...I learnt things about our family that I never before knew. A-maz-ing! I feel like I am doing something right and actually fulfilling my purpose in a new way. 

If I can have that kind of effect with the intended participants at the real thing that would just be epic. It can provide the platform for not only getting one step closer to achieving your dreams but also coping and healing the past and also identifying areas of your life that needs improvement.  It makes me exponentially happy...buoyant even...Of course me being human, in the process I am learning from the life experiences of others and healing myself of past hurts which I'm learning more and more every day is a normal part of everyone's life (yes the spoilt theory exists:) ACCEPTANCE is key so that we are able to move on completely.

As I discuss in my next book which is due out later this year....public speaking was never on the agenda for me. It only came about when I launched my first book and was asked by my high school Alma Mater to address students at their graduation ball and then again at Eastfield College about publishing. Also I was thrown into it at a couple of my previous jobs. Only then did I realize that maybe I may be on to something. Although I was nervous at first, it was such a rush to see the reaction from the audience. I remember what one co-worker said at my first Career Day. She had been doing it for many years and when she heard me speak she said I even inspired her and that I was wasting my time and talent behind a desk...:-))) 

So I guess that was my Moment of Truth. It's been 2 years since and I am finally obeying the Higher call to inspire others in this forum. Based on the pilot session...we'll see how it goes...and if I have a future in this respect. Wish me luck!

Speaking resulted from writing and blogging, the latter which has become a part of my being just as eating and breathing...I can't imagine life without it...when I'm not doing mind wanders off into a territory where I am mentally formulating my next creation...and when I do begin the words just flow like the colours of a sunset across the sky...

Of course my perception of my writing is relative...I just know how it makes me feel...liberated and peace. It is my intention that it can also inspire the same within my readers...and provide the healing and change that you need.

Please continue to join me on my journey as I navigate life's mysteries.

You can read more from my book THINKING OUT LOUD

It' also available locally at all locations of RIK Booksellers, Metropolitan Book Suppliers (Capital Plaza, Frederick Street) and Paper Based at Normandie Hotel.

Until next time,

Peace & Love

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Keep Calm and Stop Overthinking!

I am often told that I think too much…but in my field it can be considered a good thing in some ways. But indeed too much thinking and over analysis can be bad for your health! 

When you stop thinking however, you stop dreaming, planning and progressing…so the key is to strike a balance between reflection, meditation and obsession. 

All in all…we can expect peace of mind by offering our concerns in prayer. A peace that seems so divine and mysterious would wash over us that soon we would be back in our happy place. We must remember this so as to avoid regressing to a place where we don't want to be.

Only when you are tested you know how strong you really are. Many things are happening behind the scenes and although we are not fully aware right now, trust that it is working in your favour. Many times we look around at other people’s successes and we ask God why ours is taking so long to come to fruition. Little do we know the sacrifices and hardships that person had to endure to get where they are.

I am by no means where I am destined to be, but as I become one step closer to my intended destination, I feel like I am leaving behind some things and people that were once considered dear. Other things have just been modified somewhat. And I ask myself if this is what is to be expected as I continue to navigate through my life and reach for my dreams. Am I naïve to expect different or am I gullible to have put my faith and trust in other human beings…

As I embark on my newest adventure, I am grateful for the support from the ones that genuinely care. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that I will remain steadfast to my goals no matter how many stumbling blocks or disappointments that may present itself along the way. I will also learn to block out the other things that are going on in the background of the far reaches of my mind. No longer will I let it plague me and rain on my parade!

Going forward I will learn to follow my first instincts and make careful choices that can affect my future happiness.

In life things don’t always turn out the way you want but there is always Plan B and C :-)

Learn to listen to your heart and stay true to yourself…some days will be rough but that’s the only way you can ever truly be happy and at peace.

Until next time…

Peace & Love

Friday, March 14, 2014

Change Soon Come...Nothing Before It's Time!

I once asked God for change and he gave me a new job and sent me to Tobago. It was long in coming but not a moment too soon. I now understand what He was preparing me for...I was ready for it when it came. 

It was a wonderful and refreshing change where I had an opportunity to live my passion and meet many beautiful people with whom I shared fond memories. Being in this happy place in my life - living and working in paradise re-awakened a hunger deep inside of me to give and contribute more to the world. It has led me to this moment. 

And as I stand here about to embark on a brand new journey of my life I thank God for all He has done...for providing the inspiration and placing all of the right people in my life. Some of them will stay and others may part ways but I am thankful for each moment in time. Some questions will remain a mystery but such is life. 

I am very anxious and nervous that my dream is now almost within reach. But I can't wait for what's in store...Please join me as it all unfolds in living colour and feel free to share your own story...

Peace &  
Carolyn xoxoxox

photo credit - C. K. Correia - Blue Waters Inn, Speyside Tobago

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Potent Stuff!

Thanks for the feedback my last post generated.

And thanks for this reading Don La Foucade and for God working through read my mind and as always you know what I needed to hear!

Let's hope it helps someone else out there...

Jeremiah 29:11

For I well know the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! Plans to give you a future full of hope. When you call me, when you go to pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me. Yes when you seek me with all your heart, you will find me with you, says the Lord, and I will change your lot; I will gather you together from all the nations and all the places to which I have banished you, says the Lord, and bring you back to the place from which I have exiled you.

Call of Jeremiah:

The word of the Lord came to me thus far:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. 
Before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you. 
"Ah, Lord God" I said,
"I know not how to speak, I am too young."
But the Lord answered me: say not, "I am too young."
To whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak. Have no fear before them, because I am with you to deliver you says the Lord.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He's Got My Back!

Tonight I attended a Lenten Retreat at my church with my was just what I needed (don't ask why). The theme was forgiveness and although I made peace with this topic already (again mentally even before I got to the church and found out what the topic was) I welcomed the refreshing and dynamic delivery. 

photo credit -
The speaker who was originally from Dominica, addressed many issues facing persons today. He said we as a people need to get away from pettiness and learn to let go of things...burdens that we may be carrying around for years. He touched on many scripture readings and asked us to pray with the person next to us and also for the men in the congregation.

He spoke about relationships in detail especially between husbands and wives and everything in between. What resonated with me is when he said that everyone in their lives at some point (including him) has dealt and will deal with pain, hurt, deceit, hypocrisy, betrayal, character assassination, envy, greed and more. No one escapes. It's how we deal with it that matters. Unless we forgive, the Father in heaven will not forgive us, no matter how many prayers, devotions and "Lord forgive me's" we say. And the person who wronged us will also have to answer for it.

I must admit, I haven't been to church for a while but every time I go, I walk away with a good feeling....buoyant even. I'm glad I went. I made a pledge this year to start reading my bible more and I started reading it cover to cover from January. I have since completed Genesis and I am now in the middle of Exodus when the Lord is laying down to Moses and the people of Israel the ten commandments. It's amazing the lessons I've learnt.

While reading the bible does not suddenly make you a holy neither a perfect person, it does open your mind to history and gives you a better understanding of yourself and Creation. It provides the fundamentals to more readily transform the lemons that comes your way in life. I believe that there are universal truths contained within it (as with most Holy books) that is applicable to all denominations. This is debatable but religion is best left alone. I know what I feel in my heart and I have a solid foundation which has guided and inspired me throughout my life thus far without fail. 

There were some rocky times especially in earlier years but I feel so blessed that things more or less have been going smoothly within the last several years or so...all credit and glory to God! All aspects may not be all peaches and creams all the time, but I have to get to the root of this and try to figure out the patterns and determine if I need to adjust some things about me and/or the decisions I make. For now, I take a deep breathe and release all the worries and cares of my heart unto the Creator because I know it's out of my hands and He will deal with it in the best possible way and timing that He sees fit. I'm not worried one bit because I know He always got my back!

In the meantime I continue to work on me and serve Him to the best of my abilities under His guidance. Book #2 is underway and as I edit, write and review the pages of my manuscript, I feel happy to know that it can touch and and inspire many more hearts...Heck every time I read it over, I get emotional myself! Sometimes I can't believe I wrote this! It's inspiring me to dig deeper and share even more. So far one of my sisters loves it and I'm awaiting feedback from MMC -- if you're reading this you know I am patiently waiting girlfriend! 

A little disclaimer: I have not written about any of my friends past or present in any way, shape or form that is unflattering. Upon review there are many people and situations that may be similar however and close to my heart to whom I've discussed the contents and received their approval for inclusion in my book.

Again I am thankful for perspective. I began writing this book in 2009 before Thinking out Loud was even published and some of it is now fact some parts were just awful! I'm not ashamed to admit. But I'm glad I can now tell the difference and appreciate the good parts and how far I've come. It has even provided some long forgotten memories of a distant time when I was a bit of a different person. My evolution as a writer resulting from my different experiences over the years has been priceless, exhilarating and rewarding to say the very least. I am still growing and learning. I've edited 3 chapters so far and I have 2 more to edit and 3 to write...I love how the new revisions sound and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey. 

Until next time...

Peace & Love

"The favour of God is upon me, let the devil know that I am a winner!"

Yes indeed...there's no other explanation for it!

Thank you Father Cornelius.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sheer Delight at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary!

A few hours ago my journeys led me to the Mangrove Forest and Bird Sanctuary located in Caroni Trinidad...THE largest Mangrove Forest and second largest wetland in Trinidad and was 4 hours of such sweet bliss and serenity. I felt at one with nature while the sun set and a peace washed over me as I returned to my centre. I was also grateful to see many flora and fauna including the mangrove with its multitude of benefits to the environment and mankind. Also reptiles, crabs, the Great Egret, Blue Heron and our national bird--the Scarlet Ibis! The only other country the latter is seen besides Trinidad is Venezuela. I was lucky to capture these beauties with my zoom lens Canon T3 Rebel! It was sheer delight! We even learnt how the Scarlet Ibis got its colour from our tour guide Mr. Maraj who has been doing this for over 35 years...and we could see why...he loves his job! But don't trust me...come visit and see for you too can be fascinated by our twin-island's beauty! Peace & ♥ xo

Here's the proof in the pudding...

Oysters embedded on the salt filtering roots of the Red Mangrove

Boa Constrictor asleep


Glorious Scarlet Ibis!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Too Late to Turn Back Now!

I haven't had an occasion to post more than once in a week for a long time...but couldn't wait to share my news...I think I need to recreate more of these moments...

I can finally go public with my intentions as mentioned earlier in the year...

Tonight I turned a corner and finished up the first stage of one of my projects I was working on since late last year...and that is my workshop material...that's my Big news: I will be conducting motivational workshops commencing in May....There! I've said it...whew!

Some of my closet friends and family already know and have been asking, so now the secret is out. I've been struggling with this concept for a while now...years even...I thought about it briefly after I delivered my first few public addresses at school Career Days, my high school alma mater's graduation (which was my Moment of Truth) and also at Eastfield College, Dallas Texas a few years ago. All of those experiences were exhilarating to say the very least and received well.  Yet self-doubt stepped in when I thought about following this dream and making it my calling, so I shelved the idea for a while.

Then a friend introduced the idea to me again upon reading my book early last year around this time to be exact. He said to me to build the workshop around my book because it contains fundamental truths that are timeless and would never grow old. That was an amazing thing that he did for me...I just didn't know it yet. Of course at the time I protested and did not think I could or should be doing it. Weird but true.

The comments from people that actually read the book and newspaper column years before were also heart melting! I remember receiving texts and emails locally and overseas from strangers, old work colleagues and persons who I had lost contact with, person-to-person thank you's and encouragement from my bank officer, my professor, my doctors and dentists...all ages, religions and walks of life! Most of them shared MY book with at least one other person - whether it was their mom, dad, aunt, kids, sisters, mother in law! A friend said he left it on his desk at work and a whole bunch of people read it and told him: "that's a good book you have right there man!" lol...One of my work colleagues even said she heard two women talking about my article in a taxi! I felt like doing cartwheels (on the inside of course:)

But please don't mistake my sheer bliss for conceit. I am still in awe that all of these wonderfully diverse people were able to relate to what I was saying and the fact that it made them think about their own life. I felt like I was doing something right. It felt of the greatest feelings in the world. Yet I thought maybe public speaking can be an option way into the future when I'm at that "place" in my life when everything is perfect...

Then I read the Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson and it all made sense. I know I wanted to start my own business a couple months prior to reading this book, but I did not make the decision in my heart to incorporate the speaking element. The author addressed all of my's as though he was reading my mind as I eagerly read the pages. 

He spoke of the feeling of unworthiness experienced by his clients and likened it to Moses' journey in Exodus of the Bible (which I just finished reading!). He spoke about the flood of doubts everyone has when they are about to step out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams. Then another friend of mine told me the same thing one fateful Sunday evening in November back in Tobago, whilst getting ready to leave my apartment for the evening. She said that I have a gift and if God calls me to do this and inspire people, who am I to refuse His call. She said a lot of speakers and influencers admit to feeling this way in the beginning...even Moses himself. And that did it for me. I guess the rest is history. It's much too late to turn back now...even if I wanted to.

So after burning the midnight oil for the past 4 months...I'm finally finished...YAY! It's now time to practise and fine tune my delivery. I've been doing my research on public speaking and subscribed myself to so many newsletters and emails that my head is bursting to share what I've learnt and put all my knowledge, talent and advice to the test.

Next I have to review all of my info one more time, finish my budget, finalize a venue/catering....then set a date! My pilot session comes first then ready or I come! :-) (p.s. I'm coming to Tobago tooo! Then who knows where else is next...)

Thanks to all of those special people that helped with the process from inception...who believed in me and continue to support me. Bless your heart! I owe you soo much. Words cannot do justice. Can't wait for your feedback at the pilot!

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Happy Friday!

Until next time...

Peace & Love

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Ode to My Friends...

So many things to be thankful to God for...I can't even count the ways.

Most of all: family and friends. Without them I don't exist.

For this reason, I decided to do this ode to the ones I hold dear...I can't rhyme and I'm no good at poetry so I would just have to settle for prose(:

The last 7 days have been pretty swell and although I can't tell you everything in a few short sentences I would just say that everything went quite well! ( I can rhyme!)

photo credit -
I once heard family is not only blood but also the ones that prove that they need you in their life as much as you need them. The ones that would do anything for you even if they were tired, busy, did not have much to give or had problems of their own. They extend themselves over and beyond what is expected without wanting anything in return. They do not harbour any resentment or keep a record of your wrongs or flaws.

It's strange how you can connect with someone that you've only just known a short space of time and it feels like if you have known them a lifetime. And the ones who you have treated badly (subconsciously) welcome you back with open arms no matter how much time has passed.

True friends do not hold it against you because you are being crabby, if it’s that time of the month or if you're having a bad day or week or month or year…they stick by you no matter what and get inside your head to truly understand and appreciate all of your nuances like only a friend could. When they are not physically near, you feel connected in thought and spirit.

True friendship lies in the type of person who you may not communicate with for days, weeks, months or even years and yet the bond is still there. Your friendship transcends all spatial and temporal barriers. It is mature, wise, resilient and can recover from virtually anything within moral and legal bounds.

It’s true what they say…'a friend in need is a friend indeed.' Yet ‘one hand cannot clap’ …friendship is a give and take. One cannot get so absorbed in their own life that they lose focus and lack empathy for the ones that mean the most. You know the ones that cross your mind when you’re stuck in traffic or when you hear a song or pass by a store or restaurant they like. A friend will occupy more than a fleeting thought and cause you to be concerned even when nothing is wrong. And when something is wrong they are the first thought upon waking and before retiring at night and your prayers are magnified.

Friends support your dreams, listen to your wining, complaining and not only pull you out of your dark hole whenever you need it, but will crawl inside of the hole with you…try to psychoanalyze the reasons for it and bash the person that caused you to be there in the first place.

They don't judge you...they make you smile when you don't want to and laugh out loud in the strangest of places...friends always agree to disagree and always make up after a fight.

You do not need a lot of these people in your life and you will know who they are by their actions…

If you recognize these special gems…hold onto them for dear life because another may not come along like them again…

Cheers to all of my gems…you mean more than you know…