Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Can't Believe What Just Happened!

I said I was not going to blog till after my exam, but I could not help myself. Too much excitement and good news. After all, this doesn't take long. I'll be very brief tonight.

I can't begin to tell you how great (my) God is. So much stuff magically falling into place (as always). I feel so blown away by his kind majesty. I'm humbled and grateful.

photo credit - C.K. Correia All rights reserved
Grand Mal Grenada
Just in two days I got someone to retouch my car for free, I got an offer to design the cover of my new book (again for free) and I got someone to work pro bono on strategic planning and structuring of my business!! 

Whoopee...I am elated and doing cartwheels as I type! They all said to me in different ways how much they would enjoy working on these projects as it is in alignment with their goals. 

Tonight my new Strategist Partner said how much my work inspires him and that I have a great writing style! How about that?!

I am excited to begin these new projects and work with these wonderfully talented people. I will update you as I progress. This could not come at a better time as my business is still soo very young and I am on a shoestring budget.

To make things more interesting, I received two emails also over the last couple days that made my day when I woke up and checked my phone. One was to set up a meeting to possibly partner with a reputable organization to do workshops (based on a referral), the other from a magazine in Dubai praising my writing style and confirming our partnership.

Last week the Arima library called me to be a part of their Speed Dating Meet the Authors initiative in keeping with their National Library Week, but unfortunately I don't write poetry or short stories just yet (which is what they were looking for) I referred them to another poet/writer friend of mine. 

This weekend I was asked to read stories to kids at the Main library instead...and maybe something with schools later on. I can't wait.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you!" - Matthew 7:7. 

In this case, I just prayed and voila! I started back saying my psalms. I feel great. Great things await once you have faith.

Peace & Blessed Love.

Fruits of our Labour

I almost forgot about this until I emailed it to a new business connection today. 
One from the it is again in a different format.

Fruits of our Labour...republished in Thinking out Loud

An article about finding your purpose.
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