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"Life is a marvelous adventure. Hold on tight to the handlebars with all you have and enjoy the ride for it is only once we pass by this way. Live to leave a mark on the world so that people would remember you for the good you brought to the world and to their life even if it was only for a brief moment. For it is then that you will know that you have truly lived."

Chapter 1: Age: Just a Number

"Personally, I think a career is a vocation, a calling for which we have an innate ability or flair for, a passion, a yearning to fulfill a greater purpose in life, something we were destined for from the day we were born, not just something we studied at university or were taught, but a lifelong commitment to a dream that can be manifested in several different shapes and forms." 

Chapter 2: Fruits of our Labour

"Live every moment to the fullest so that you would have no regrets tomorrow. Measure your success by the happiness that you feel in your heart when you arise each morning; when it begins to get contagious and those around you feel it too; you know that you have achieved your purpose."

Chapter 1: Age: Just a Number

"Nothing lasts forever and it makes us all the more stronger for having experienced and survived the bad times. More importantly, it makes us appreciate the good times even more, for when things are always pleasant and comfortable we tend to become complacent and unappreciative of our blessings and good fortune. Thus, rather than becoming ‘stuck in a rut’ or fearful of the unknown, it is important to remember that the one thing in life that is constant is change and it is necessary for our future growth and progression."

Chapter 1: Nothing Lasts Forever

"Whether you’re in love, once in love, or want to find love it’s important to look within and find out if you’re capable of not only giving love but also receiving love, for it only takes a moment to fall, but a lifetime to forget that one true love… or the one that got away" 

Chapter 3: Love or Something Like It-Part II

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