Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make it Count!

October is soon to be over....Did you make it count?
2 more months for year's end...still time to end it with a bang...
Close your eyes, focus on your purpose and mentally release your intentions to the Creator...
You have the power to make it happen
Anything is possible once you believe...

November here we come...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stuff Happens...Life Changes

Heya...It's that time after-midnight blogging ritual...#InspirationEscape

After a long tiring week, the weekend is a wonderful and refreshing escape from it all. I must update readers with the continuation of my movie ratings before I begin...earlier tonight I saw The Counselor...a fabulous cast of actors, but another disappointing end to a movie that started with such promise...a bit gory but I don't want to spoil it for many of you who may want to see it. I'm afraid it gets only 2 stars.

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Sometimes in life, we go through changes, transitions and exchanges with different people that enter and leave our life. We learn from one another and grow and evolve as time goes by. Sometimes we have expectations about different situations and people. Some of us expect life to be always fun and exciting and that people will always remain the same. We expect different people to react the same way to the same things...or for different people to react the same way as us. We expect our feelings to remain the same over a period of time and when they don't, we search ourselves for a possible reason why, sometimes even blaming ourselves for things that we think shouldn't change have. 

Being a person that often questions things, I feel that I can perhaps share my insights into this phenomenon. Some of us sometimes carry with us preconceived notions about people we encounter based on our past experiences and interactions. We let it affect how we view that person and sometimes places obstacles in our path when dealing with them. We forget that everyone and every situation is unique in some shape or form and we share different backgrounds, histories and hangups which dictate how we relate to each other. 

When our feelings about something changes whether it is a job, relationship or place, at times it is through no fault of our own. It could be due to a number of factors including factors surrounding the said subjects. It could be that we have evolved based on our growth and development and experiences, or the fact that our priorities have changed and we want different things out of life which that job, relationship or place are not capable of providing. Perhaps we have fulfilled our purpose/goal where these things are concerned and it has run its course. Although these things may have remained the same for someone else, it just means that person is not in the same place as you are or due to the fact that they are simply a different individual with different things going for them.

Although I once thought life needed to be flowing like a song all of the time and always be fun and exciting...maturity and tolerance have stepped in and over time, I've grown to have patience and marvel in the mysteries and challenges of life. They are all opportunities for something greater...for transformation...for the development of character. Fun and excitement are relative and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder: What may be fun for you, might be like watching paint dry for someone else and vice versa. That's why comparison is never good and we ought to desist from this practice because it will only drive us crazy and make us insecure about our own accomplishments, talents and blessings.

Food for Thought:
  • Life and priorities change through no fault of your own. Don't blame yourself if your feelings change about things while it doesn't change for others. Live with abandon according to your own rules.
  • Live your own life and forget about measuring yourself to others. When we focus on what's important to us, we enjoy life more and realize the value of what we have.
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Make your own reality fabulous and revel in the simple things that make your own moments magical.

Warning: This is an inside joke for some of my friends: So sometimes "overthinking" pays off in the end!! (I like to call it my form of meditation...:-)

Peace & Love xo

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Do You Do When You Don't Have the Last Say?

photo credit - C. K. Correia All rights reserved
Alas it's parang season! For the seasoned visitors to my blog, you would know that I love Christmas and parang and you would also know what parang is....

For my new visitors, in Trinidad parang is Christmas music sung in Spanish...something we inherited from our Spanish ancestors. 

(We are a multi-ethnic melting pot of races and cultures with a rich heritage including African, Indian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and more.) We also have our own variety of parang with a soca twist...called soca parang sung in English or sometimes Spanglish. 

Yup it's that special time of year...and I plan to savour every moment. I have been playing it in my car, at home and occasionally at the office since September...Christmas is near...Can you feel it? October is almost thru and soon it will be November...My! Where is the time going?

It's almost 1 a.m. and I have the munchies, so I decided to blog....Between trying to fight the urge to eat and avoid finishing clean my apartment at this hour, I have found solace in my laptop and reruns of Sex and the City, Old School and Made of Honour! Today is the odd day that I decided to stay in with all the rain and catch up on some good old tele. 

I have forgotten how good television and movies can be...sometimes it's all you need to distract yourself from reality. Have you ever tuned into your favourite show and been able to readily identify with the exact issues that are happening on screen?! It's kind of eerie but reassuring all at the same time. Film makers and script writers are truly a Godsent, blessed with a very creative and talented mind.

For the past few weeks I have also been catching up with the latest flicks on the big screen...Prisoners, Runner Runner and Baggage Claim. They have all lived up to my expectations. Haven't had much time for my movie blog for a long time, so I will give my ratings here....with the exception of Prisoners which gets 3 stars, Runner Runner and Baggage Claim gets 4 stars. 

The only reason that Prisoners didn't get a higher rating is because of the abrupt ending which left movie-goers in suspense and even irate! lol...It was hilarious to hear persons storm out of the movie theatre visibly and audibly upset. Which brings me to my you ever wish you could find closure to a situation that ended abruptly in your life? 

Maybe you thought someone got the upper hand on you and left you wanting the last say...but you didn't. Perhaps years would go by and thoughts would still linger somewhere in your subconscious. 

What do you do to find closure?

  • Find closure in your own way. Inject humour into the situation and try to see the light side of it all. Sometimes when you change your perspective things aren't half as bad as you think it is.
  • After one time is two...and this too shall pass. Time is said to be the healer of all wounds and soon life catches up with you and this situation would mean little in the whole scheme of things.
  • No man is an island. When you socialize, you realize that other people share similar experiences as you. Soon your angst doesn't seem that bad anymore as you are able to identify and draw support and empathy from each another. You may even learn a thing or the process harnessing real power!
  • Curb destructive thought patterns and find ways to distract yourself. Use activities to act as a placebo to replace your ill-feelings. Imagine a different outcome in your mind as a way of dealing with the situation and find the closure you need.

It's nearing that time though....Sleep is now calling my name, incidentally so is I will succumb to the urge to nibble on something since I plan on sleeping in tomorrow. One of the joys of living on your own. Yes I'm weak when it comes to food! shhh! I will make it a healthy choice though;)

Until next time...

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Still Tongue Keeps a Wise Head

TGFW - Thank God for the Weekend!

So, I've made a commitment to update my blog and continue working on my book at least once a week for the rest of the year. There's no gym in my routine anymore so I have no excuses...hoping to start my cardio routine soon...will keep you posted on my progress.

It's been a while since I sat outside and soaked in the cool sights and sounds of for the first time in months, I am doing just that. I've slowed down long enough to enjoy it. I've missed this: hummingbirds, blue birds, doves and birds of all variety, the trees and the cool afternoon air is so relaxing. I can even hear the odd sheep and goat way into the distance:) I've grown so accustomed to it over the past few months that it's almost a part of life now.

Based on my different interactions, I've come to realize that perception is a hellava thing...Sometimes you never know what someone is thinking, why they may do or say certain things or react the way they do. Certainly 'you give what you get' most times but despite your good intentions, not all the time people may respond favourably to what you project. Your gestures may be interpreted incorrectly or people may carry with them their own biases, insecurities and misgivings that may impede a smooth interpersonal relationship. When two people do not see eye-to-eye however, only rationale and calm communication can quiet the waters...along with one party putting aside their ego for a brief moment to bring peace.

Then again, others may feign affinity for a number of reasons based on the situation. Perhaps because of fear, or tolerance or just for the sake of getting along. The question is: do you play along, or do you draw the line between peaceful relations and deceit. I guess it depends on the individual and the situation, so as to determine what is the wisest thing to do given the circumstances. Many times we may have to make a conscious effort to hold our tongue but as we realize as time progresses that life is a game. The winners are the ones who learn all the right lessons in time for the test(s).

Yes life is about lessons. I am learning daily...along with the next person I would imagine. We learn from each other whether we want to admit it or not. Many things remain an enigma to me...but I'm figuring out the mysteries as I grow and evolve from one year to the next. When we stop to listen...really listen, we can harness the power within and around us to work in our favour.

Food for Thought:

Life is short: Soak in every last drop. Don't procrastinate with your dreams and ambitions.

Everything in this life is temporary...except for the trees, birds, seas and flowers. Don't waste your energy fighting petty battles, make peace not war. After one time is two. "For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalms 30:5

Spend time with the people you love the most. Don't pay lip service: show them how much you care in small but meaningful ways. Exercise tolerance and empathy with others. Make peace with your God at the end of every day. And bring change to your world with love.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Friend or Foe

Sometimes what you don't know can't hurt you and you're better off not knowing. Your interactions with people may be varied based on the level of comfort of both parties. Sometimes it may be superficial, other times you may have a genuine connection. Still other times the lines may be blurred and one or more party may not be able to tell the difference. Years may go by and you may be none the wiser until an event happens to bring enlightenment. When this happens, what does the wronged party do to bring closure? Perhaps closure is not necessary but rather forgiveness. Only the truly mature can learn to let go and let bygones be bygones. For most of us, it's easier just to sever ties and move on. In the end, when you discover the truth, you have God to thank that He revealed this person for who they are and you are able to separate friend from foe before it is too late. Sometimes all it takes is a simple "I forgive you" for both parties to find peace. In time we would come to realize that sincerity is better than ignorance and find the closure we need.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013



Oh how I've missed high speed internet access! It's like my refrain now, but it really is like a little piece of heaven...well not really...I imagine heaven to be infinitely more spectacular and well...heavenly, but you get my drift. 

If you've been following my blog...I guess you would know by now that I'm at home's nice to be back. My last trip wasn't that great, but I feel at peace this time around...I felt the difference from the time I stepped foot on dry land. Of course it's always great seeing my parents, sister and friends. The food is awesome at my mother's house too! (I'm getting hourly reminders about my split peas soup getting cold:-) I can hardly wait for Christmas!

I am soo grateful that I made it through this week and the last month for that matter. It was really hard sometimes having to get up and get, when some days your energy is waning. My vacation is calling me...I'm suffering from burn out...already! But God is good...I know He will give me strength to make it through the rest of the year:-)

Today I got a lot done...besides having my vehicle serviced (pretty boring routine oil and filter change, but oh so vital)...I had a photo shoot to have some professional photographs taken...also met some cool people. It's always great making new connections. I can't wait to see those shots! Will be updating my blogger stay tuned to this space. 

They say life is like a circle. You often cross paths with people you have met in your past again. It is not always a pleasant experience, but sometimes it's such a genuine joy to renew old acquaintances. The human condition is strange and always amazes me. For example, how you connect to some persons almost right off the bat and others for some odd inexplicable reason, you don't seem to mesh with them no matter how hard you try. 

Also, you may have a friend or acquaintance that you may not have spoken to or seen in such a long time and when you do connect, it's as though no time has passed. I have so many burning unanswered questions about the human psyche, sometimes I think I should have followed through with the urge I had in my younger days to study psychology! But knowledge is power. The courses I did pursue, has helped me to understand human behaviour better...sometimes too good, it's unnerving to others.

photo credit - 
This week I also learnt a lesson in trust. My two closest friends tell me I can get a little paranoid and jump to conclusions at times...well I guess I need to work on that before anyone else figures it out! lol. It was hilarious when the truth was discovered a day or two later. Let me tell you those 48 hours of uncertainty weren't pleasant! 

But on a serious note, sometimes you just have to wait until you have all the facts and while you wait...have a little faith. Put your emotions aside and learn to weigh the facts in front of you. Don't cloud your judgement with the past or base your impulses on some distant, vague insecurity or hang-up you may have. Odds are this may have occurred under completely different circumstances and with starkly different people.

Yup, this week taught me that nothing is the same. Life changes. People seldom change (no a leopard cannot change their spots!) but behaviours can be learnt and re-learnt and modified to suit the circumstance, that is...if you really want to badly enough. But don't be fooled by some people who feign change for selfish reasons and ulterior motives. That's not change...that's manipulation. 

But really, your life today, is a new dawn. A fresh start to create a wonderful new dynamic, fashioned in the way you desire. Not an existence, but a purpose-filled, love-filled, peace-filled, real joy-FUL abundant LIFE with YOU in it! If you really believe, there may be room for two. You can create your destiny. Ultimately God is in control, but we have choices that we make that can shape the way things turn out. 

Do you believe it?



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