Sunday, September 7, 2014

Slowly but Surely

To blog or not to blog.

That has been the question lately.

But I decided. I will blog. It's been 7 days since my last blog. It's time.

A friend of mine is taking up her publisher's challenge to write 50 blogs in 50 days...Wow! She is now on to Day 47...Amazing. My IT friends told me that I should do this a few years ago, but I never stuck to it...I think I would have ran out of things to say by she's churning out these posts like a well-oiled writing machine. Follow her journey and countdown to her new book here:

So as usual I let my fingers guide this this mind is like a blank canvas. I have no idea what is going to be my next line, but we'll see where this goes...

Ahh...I received a lovely email from a journalist that did a story on my first book a few years ago. It was so heart warming. She congratulated me on my feature in the local paper earlier this year with regard to the launch of my workshops (Read it here:  She also said that this served as an inspiration to her, as she was also on a similar transitional journey at the time. I'm glad that we both took the leap of faith to follow our dreams. 

Unbeknownst to her, this just made my day. I did not even know what effect my bold and daring career move had...until bit by bit persons (some friends and some random) have been telling me that they saw the article. I'm excited and humbled that my story can inspire others to change something in their life or pursue their own dreams. I don't know where and how this story ends, but finding out day-by-day is part of the adventure and fun.
photo credit - C. K. Correia All rights reserved. Las Cuevas, Trinidad 

While I am getting involved in many things, I've realized that I am leaning more towards developing my writing craft. I don't think this was intentional, but I guess your passion always finds a way to surface above the rummaging of your brain. 

Emanating from this, I have however decided to tweak my workshop and develop a new one geared towards those persons interested in Finding their Purpose.

This week I had a few meetings regarding my workshop and it has awakened a desire in me to make it an even better, thought provoking and enriching experience for participants. One such meeting/presentation resulted in me shifting the focus to include retirees and one-on-one sessions with EAP recipients. 

Different persons. Different perspectives. Different ideas. 

Another meeting brought out even other avenues to explore, such as a session geared towards school leavers or those close to that age where students are about to make life changing decisions, also business owners or those thinking about risking it all and taking that plunge. 

I have toyed with some of these ideas before as other persons have suggested such, but each new session brings about new energy and synergies.

These sessions inspired countless other ideas and spin-offs and to think this all started with Thinking out Loud (If you haven't already, you can own your own copy at a specially discounted promotional offer here:

The latter is aimed at a collaborate effort that I'm hoping can bring about great rewards to all involved. There are so many persons in all societies today that are in need of guidance and that little extra nudge to get them from a place of uncertainty to a place of exuberance and excellence. 

With the unique delivery and perspective of persons who speak from experience and are oh-so-willing and burning to share their lessons, can make all the difference. We take pleasure and pride in being part of the process of change and watching persons grow into all they were meant to be in life, who can in turn also help others hone their talents and excel at their craft. 

I've listened to people who are already doing so and there's this extra unmistakable gleam and sparkle in their eyes and spring in their step. You wake up every day happy to share and create more and more until fulfilment becomes an inescapable part of your being. 

Your every waking moment is to create. You eat, breathe and dream about your next project. There are not enough hours of the day to do it all. For me I sacrifice sleep, postpone meals and other important things like exercise. (But I do remember to breathe!)

However, this week I am determined to make the time to work-out before I head over to the sister-isle for some sun, sea and sand. Of course quiet time, fresh air and meditation is all I can think of in the serene comfort of familiarity that I once called home. I'll try to get some work done during the day when everyone is at work, but that's a lofty aim since I've been away from paradise for so long. 

My friends have been asking me monthly when I'm coming back, so I thought I'd surprise them and hop over for a short visit. I do hope that the mangoes, pomeracs, five fingers, breadfruit and plums are still in season! Oh how I miss the days of roasted breadfruit, barbecues, five finger sangria and of course oil down especially on rainy days!! (I describe this so vividly in my second book hoping to be completed soon!)

In the meantime and in-between time, I have lots to do and loose ends to tie up. As a follow up to my last blog, there are more things for which to be thankful. I'm happy to announce that I am now a member company of the T&T Chamber of Commerce. Also the documentary featuring my scriptwriting and research skills was also launched this week. You can view it here: Mangrove Unveiled Trinidad & Tobago 

I've received great feedback and I was delighted to see my words come to life in's fun, educational and entertaining, you won't look at mangrove in quite the same way after viewing.

I'm delighted that my dreams are taking shape. Slowly but surely. Baby steps, but I know I'll get there in time. It's funny everyone I meet tells me the same thing. I'm happy to be surrounded by positive people who have faith in me and encourage me to aspire to greatness. 

It's important to never give up. Your dreams can happen too. Dare to dream Big. Be persistent. Keep the faith. Exciting things await...

Happy September. A month to remember! May all your dreams come true.

Peace & Blessed Love,
Carolyn xoxo