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Every Day Can’t Be Sunshine And Daffodils: What To Do When Life Gives You Lemons

First published on Elite Daily. Read it here>>

With the many feel-good articles circulating on social media (including my own), I thought I’d deviate from the norm and try something new.

To think that every day will always be sunshine and daffodils is to truly live in a bubble. Some of us may think that life owes us something and that we deserve a free ticket to a smooth ride, but this is real life, where things don’t always work out the way we expect them to.

I am also guilty of sometimes expecting everything to always go my way because growing up, it simply did. I often have rude awakenings to sudden unexpected twists and harsh realities of people and life. What do you do when this happens?

When asked why bad things happen growing up, my dad always told me that the world is made up of the positive and negative; there must always be good and bad. Having grown up, I can appreciate this simple, yet profound wisdom. Oftentimes, we don’t realize that the bad things can be good things turned inside out.

There must be bad days for us to appreciate the full splendor of the good ones. If things were always wonderful, we would just take them for granted, as there would be nothing with which to compare them. There is always a silver lining, which we can see if we look carefully behind the grey clouds.

There is always a lesson or something positive to be derived from every situation in life. The (perceived) bad things also happen to save us from making mistakes, bad choices or to prepare us for something better to come.

You may have experienced this when you did not get the job you wanted, only to learn that your friend who was selected for the job, which included bad bosses, long hours and unfair working conditions, left after one month.

When life disappoints you (and it will), it is a wise practice to remind yourself to be thankful for small mercies because things can be a whole lot worse. There are many people who are not as fortunate as us.

Our situation is always relative to someone else’s. When we realize the magnitude of our blessings, we suddenly realize that we are sometimes guilty of making mountains from molehills.

Not to discount the sources of our pain and discomfort, but we must be grateful for what we have because someone else will always be going through something worse.

I believe that we are each born with unique gifts and have the power to change and empower lives. When we “dig deep” within ourselves to realize our worth and find our gifts, the possibilities for achievement are endless.

Yes, there will always be days when we doubt ourselves or question the paths our lives will take, but if you really search within yourself, you will be able to find the strength and willpower to rise beyond your circumstances and state of mind to be able to achieve greatness and prove the naysayers wrong.

Another way to stay afloat in this world of uncertainty and competition is to never compare yourself to anyone else. Every person has his or her own crosses to bear and this journey is completely different.

This perceived success is only relative to our own. No one knows what sacrifices someone else endured to get to where he or she is and what life is really like for someone else when the doors are shut to the outside world.

In fact, what we have for ourselves may also be pretty wonderful if we really stop to consider it and many others may see it that way, too.

If we concentrate on our own journeys and make the most of what we have to get where we want to go in life, we can transform those lemons and soon see that the sun will shine again, as our daffodils are now in full bloom.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One More Try: Is it Worth It?

Here's a little of what's been keeping me busy....Hope you enjoy this clip from my soon to be launched Audio book of Thinking out Loud...


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All rights reserved.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

It Was the Best of Times...It Was the Worst of Times

This week was one of revelations and learning. Some were pleasant experiences and a handful not so much.

I can’t thank God enough for all the amazing people in my life that lighten my mood regardless of the weather and put up with all the various colours, shades and foibles of my personality...

I feel a third publication coming on (maybe under a pen name…any ideas? lol)…but this will take some time and outpouring of new energy…still a distant thought. Need to focus on book #2 and getting that one published. Although I must admit that the most unexpected and unplanned projects sometimes steal the show.

I decided to call it a night an hour ago (early for a change) but here I am because blogging and writing is what I know and love. This fuels my energy and desire to continue. The week ended on a good note with some professional business advice/meeting with an old colleague. The law of attraction is at work: I am thankful that I have people around me that are always willing to offer support when needed. I keep focused and ask God for guidance and He ALWAYS sends the answers without fail and for this I give thanks. This in itself is a blessing to me and I do consider myself lucky.

More about my lessons that I can divulge…I can never wrap my head fully around the human mind, although I wear myself out trying many-a-time. We are somewhat responsible for the negative things that happen to us based on our choices, but a friend of mine said today that sometimes we take a chance on something that seems harmless and authentic by all appearances. At the time, we may never imagine the outcome or impact our decisions can have on our lives in the future.

Even though we are beyond that point, never in our wildest dreams did we expect life to suddenly surprise us with this inexplicable twist of reality, although sometimes it provides the closure we need (or so we hope). Standing here with the wisdom of our past and present day reality, sometimes we realize that our old self was a bit wise and even ‘psychic’… if only we had listened to that inner voice and trust our instincts. But you live…you learn…and hopefully adjust your radar and ability to make wiser more cognitive choices in the future.

It’s easy to let those negative experiences taint us and prevent us from trusting again, but sometimes we have to give thanks for our small blessings and mercies. Things could always be worse and no matter how dismal or painful it seems, there’s always a silver lining. Once you live a certain way, keeping God in the forefront and staying true to yourself, I am convinced that you will be shielded from the harsher ‘blows’ that can prove to be very real realities and tragedies if you did not choose to do this.

That’s as much as I can muster to share at this point in time. Many other things happening simultaneously. Stay tuned to this space as my journey unfolds for updates on the progress of my book and other exciting projects.

Always busy with a thirst to create and share. With a new strategic direction for my business, I have a renewed interest in making it a success…Of course research is a vital component and an ongoing effort for the truly creative entrepreneur who is always seeking to reinvent themselves. Once a week I plan to devote time to just reading and no social media and email...let's see if I can live up to this!

As I throw caution to the wind and search for renewed hope in mankind, I accept the realization that I first revealed in my first book which is that “you cannot change people or the outcome of events in your life no matter how hard you try”…I can however work on me and doing what’s best for myself. Struggle vs Acceptance….

I leave you with the following words of Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it." -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Wise man


Monday, June 16, 2014

What Would Really Make you Happy?

Monday greetings to all,

Welcome to my new and existing readers...I'm really happy for the growing number of page views over the last few weeks...

Thank you, Thank you...THANK YOU!

This is a long one but read to the end, you will be 'happy' you did.

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Today I logged on to Forbes magazine to do some research on another topic (not blog related) and the following quote appeared on the top left corner of my screen:

Life is long to the miserable, but short to the happy. ” — Publilius Syrus

I stared at my screen for a few minutes and pondered the seemingly straightforward thought. I quickly proceeded to the website and forgot about it. 

Then tonight after connecting with an old friend on whatsapp whom I haven't spoken to in quite some time, I came back to my computer and searched for the same quotation. 

What prompted this? I have no clue...something deep in my subconscious probably needed to be resolved and the inspiration appeared.

What makes a life really worth living? What constitutes a so-called "good life"...I believe I blogged about this a few months ago but not in depth. What makes some folks seem to lead a happy life and then others feel like they get the short end of the stick? Why do some aspects of your life go so great and other parts seem to not get the sunshine and rain needed to activate genuine, sustained, happiness and longevity that others seemingly enjoy! 

Ahh yes...the answers to these questions some of us ask at some point in our lives is lost on me. I wish I could quench my thirst and yours for a quick solution and ready answer, but I will attempt to offer my knowledge and understanding on the topic. I am being guided by my this is gonna be a long one!

There are many happiness theories based on scientific research (skip this excerpt if you're not into the science). One such theory suggests that: Apart from exceptionally adverse situations, life circumstances such as wealth, education and employment only account for roughly 10% of your overall happiness. Genes account for 50% and the remaining 40% is under our control and based on how we conduct our life to make ourselves happy. (I expound more on this in my book Thinking out Loud in the article: Finding Your can check it out on Amazon or RIK!) 

Putting science aside for the moment, my experience provides the following revelations:

Happiness is in the eyes of the Beholder 

Your idea of happiness and mine may be two totally different things. What you may appreciate and value in life, may mean very little to me and vice versa. If you are happy with YOUR life no matter how different it is from your neighbour or friend or need NOT compare or caste aspersions or allow anyone to make you feel that you have accomplished less by way of your happiness and somehow not entitled to feel the way you feel. 

Know what you want in life and Go after it

Many people get bogged down with everyone else's opinion but their own. You are the sole contributor to your happiness. Stop listening to other people including the media! I've stopped doing this when it comes to my writing and career goals. If you want something badly enough, don't stop till you get it...unless it is illegal, immoral or poses some danger to you or someone else. 

If you think the achievement of this end will make you happy, then by all means. However it is important to bear in mind that happiness comes from within and you can't expect to fill your life with material, transient things or people to make you happy. 

Things are fleeting...People come and go and what's left is US. Which brings me to my next point. However, before I go on, it is fair to acknowledge that these things do add to our enjoyment of life...but they are not permanent fixes or a magic elixir to our lasting happiness. 

If we are not happy inside; the world of riches, a drop dead gorgeous spouse or fabulous career won't make you happy for long. We may also be disappointed by the things that people do or our inability to attain certain things at a certain point in time, but sometimes the answers to these questions don't come right away...

We must find that closure and inner strength which tells us that everything that happens in your life is JUST as it SHOULD BE and everyone would get what's theirs in time...good or bad...the latter is karma...if you don't believe in karma...maybe you can relate to the biblical adaptation: you reap what you sow (Gal. 6:7).

Enjoy your own company 

A few people said to me that they don't like living on their own, but I briefly lived on my own and it was one of the happiest and most peaceful times of my life. Sometimes I wish I still was. I enjoyed it immensely. When I was totally by myself in my apartment, I felt empowered and at peace (despite being surrounded by many trees and pitch black night!). 

When I went out or had guests over I also had fun, but if I had stayed home the entire time I would also be totally okay with that too, because I thoroughly enjoy my own company. There was a time long ago when I always needed people around me, but I'm so glad that I have evolved into the person I am today for I am better for it. When you learn to be happy with yourself, external circumstances don't matter and you learn to make others happy. And if they do leave...hopefully the pain won't be that great. Time heals all wounds.

Do what you were Created for

I can never say this enough, but now I have the proof I need! Although I always admit that I am not an avid church-goer, I do pray a lot...many times a day in fact...and a prayer doesn't have to be long in order to be meaningful. I meditate and reflect deeply on my thoughts for many years and this year I finally heeded the advice to start reading my bible from cover to cover...I have now reached the book of Numbers. 

In this way, I get the answers I'm seeking...sometimes I turn to my friends for support in my trials (which we all have) and I must pay tribute to them...I have the BEST friends all across the globe! You know who you are...even if I don't talk to all of them often, when I do, it's like no time has passed. The ones whom I speak to daily are my rock and I couldn't ask for more! 

Anyway, I digress: last weekend my mother gave me this newsletter that my parish priest Father John wrote (bless his heart) and he quoted the scripture I needed to support my claims and writing all these years and it says: "Each one has received a special gift; use it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold Grace of God." (1 Peter 4:10) Wow! I memorized it in less than a minute!

When you acknowledge and find your special gifts/talents and do what you were truly created will find fulfilment and happiness by helping others. Your talent can be manifested in several different shapes and forms. This is my happiness right's not meant to be bottled up and taken to the me that's an abomination to the Lord who has so blessed you for a purpose. 

The only route to true happiness is to share what you have been given and you will receive ten fold...the rewards are endless. You would be bursting with energy and joy. Of course you are human and you may fall short along the way, but once something is done for the right reasons and it is coming from a good place, you will evolve into a better person in time. And no one can dispute your gift.

I guess there's soo much more to my mind is now in overdrive...but I will leave you with this:

  • Follow your heart for it will never lead you wrong. 
  • Do good and good will follow you. 
  • Don't harbour ill-feelings, get to the bottom of a story if you can...there's always two sides, whichever way...just release and let go. 
  • hard as it may be sometimes...keep your distance if you have to, but just release in your mind and heart and MOVE ON! It's the healthiest thing to do.
  • Don't live in the past and compare your life to someone else...concentrate on transforming your own life into what you want it to be. You have the power to do it. Everyone has their own struggles and crosses to bear...Like my mother always don't know what that other person did to get what they have.

I will don't know what their journey is about...and how they really feel inside and what goes on when the doors are shut to the outside world. All that glitters is not gold and everything is not as it seems!


As always, if you can relate, please do post a comment and rating! Writers value these things you know! It lets us know that our work is not in vain and there are actually real life people out there who share a similar story and can appreciate the message. 

My friends always send me lovely comments which mean the world to me and provide the impetus to continue writing, but every now and then, I get a comment from someone I don't know that just makes my day and allows me to appreciate my gifts even more. 

I am far, far from perfect but I continue to work on me and graciously receive.

Peace & Love,

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Tribute to all Dads especially my Dad


Gives you the best advice without even asking what the problem is

Taught you how to ride a bike and drive

Believes in you even if no one else does

Is the best storyteller and comedian of all time

Knows when you need a hug or a good laugh

Knows how to fix most things around the house and taught you what you know about positive and negative in a battery pole

Can be counted on to find a solution to any problem

Taught you the value of a dollar and the importance of saving for a rainy day

Makes the best sugar cake and punches in the world

Knows how to keep the peace

Dad we love and thank you.

Excerpt from Thinking out Loud...Read more here>>

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Learning can be Fun! HR and You.

Yesterday I had several wow moments when I attended a full day of HR sessions facilitated by Mr. Robert Garcia - Director of Global Business Development at the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) - USA held at the Carlton Savannah Hotel.

The theme for the breakfast symposium was based on The Future of HR - What's next for the profession and was hosted by the Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad & Tobago of which I am now a board member. 

Most of all I was enthralled by the delivery of Mr. Garcia as he reeled us in with his funny anecdotes encountered whilst working in the field and hosting sessions all over the world. He proved that learning can indeed be fun and inspired me to transform my own workshops into an even better learning experience. 

Throughout the day's activities: the Rountable and a series of meetings, I met and had the opportunity to listen to many amazing HR practitioners in the country. People are the lifeblood of any successful organization and HR is an integral part of all spheres of business. We all need to know our rights as well as tap into the right resources to find our niche and shine as best we could.

I learnt that trust is key to maintaining and attracting a healthy workforce, so too is flexibility in today's dynamic and ever-changing world. Recruiters and leaders must learn to change and adapt and so too must employees be accountable and ethical in their relationship with their employers and clients. 

Happy people = productivity, growth, development and success!

So many stories packed into 4 short hours...I think I had more fun in those hours than my entire 7 and a half years in HR! No...but seriously, everyone has their own special and unique gift and Robert is a true public speaker...he makes people happy and transfers knowledge without his participants even realizing that they are learning! 

The Rountable spoke about the various HR certifications SHRM has to offer, the different changes being implemented and its impact on members.

It was a day well spent at HRMATT! Glad I could be a part of it.

Thanks for joining me...till next time.

How to Get Up and Get Your Act Together: Ways to Nip Procrastination in the Bud!

This article was first published on Elite Daily. Read it here:

We all have these feelings from time to time — you know, the ones that seem to fuel your fears and gnaw away at your consciousness; the ones that make you feel like giving up, doing the mundane and conforming to the status quo.

We look around and see that the world is full of amazing people who all strive for greatness. Stop and really consider the truth. We don’t want to merely exist and live boring lives. In fact, we want to live unfettered, utilize our full potential and make a difference.

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd in such a diverse world, but the reality is that we are all created uniquely, with definitive purposes and voices.

What we do during our years on this planet dictates the extent to which we can really fulfill that purpose. Our ability to succeed is strongly rooted in our mental fortitude since the mind is a powerful tool. When we condition our minds to achieve our desired outcomes, we tap into that creative powerhouse stored within us and the sky becomes the limit to our destinations in life.

It is human nature to think that we have an infinite amount of time to be all we want to be in life. However, the wise tell us to never to put off for tomorrow what you can do today because “tomorrow is promised to no one.”

When procrastination gets the better of us, tomorrow will turn into next week and suddenly, 10 years have passed us by and we find ourselves still stuck in the same spot. Self-doubt and fear takes over and we sit on our goals, listening to what others tell us. It’s important that we always take a step back and listen to what our hearts tell us.

Set your goals high so as to never settle for second best. Listen to that voice within that tells you it is okay to dream even if you fail. Soon, you won’t even think about failing because it is suddenly not an option. If we are consistent in our efforts, in time, we will be exactly where we want to be amongst the truly successful and courageous.

All of your goals are worthy, no matter how small. I always list my goals at the beginning of each year. I review the list monthly to ensure that I am staying true to myself and working my way from Point A to Point B.

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up with the rigors of your life’s routine, but it’s important to keep the adrenaline going and to never lose heart. Find creative ways to build the momentum and picture the outcome in your mind. Reward yourself for your hard work and persistence.

When you’re on the fence about something, do yourself a favor and don’t get too many people involved in the decision-making process. If you want something badly enough, go for it!

Once it doesn’t pose a great challenge for you, by all means, act on it. The longer you take to think things over in your head, the greater the chances are that you will change your mind. Some of the best decisions I’ve made in life were based on gut feelings upon which I promptly acted. Your heart will never lead you astray and the rewards are endless.

If I can offer one last piece of advice, it is to surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire you and support your dreams. The journey to greatness is always best traveled in the company of people who are truly brave, free-spirited and proactive lovers of life. Don’t be afraid to chase big dreams.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The first week of June is already done and over our shoulder...Wherever is the time going!?!

I learnt in Econ class eons ago that "necessity is the mother of invention" so I've learnt to do many things and improvise as I go along. Life is an evolution and if we don't reinvent ourselves and the ways in which we do things, then there will be no change or growth. Moral: You only know the extent of your capabilities unless you push yourself and try. You may even surprise yourself as you surpass your expectations. So try! You live and you learn each and every day.

I'm happy to announce that my book proposal was mailed to the publisher this week...this after staying up till 5 am last Saturday. I'm hoping and praying for the best. Wish me luck. 

I've realized two things about myself this past week...(1) I'm a matter how hard I try to go to bed at a reasonable time, I'm incapable of doing so...even if I'm tired and have been out all day....once I get behind my computer there's no stopping me. Happiness is doing what you love and having people appreciate it.

I rarely watch television and I'm an internet/computer junkie. Always writing, reading articles, researching new ways to do things and creating. Last year while residing in the sister-isle of Tobago, I lived in a remote (yet beautiful) area and had to rely on a rechargeable internet hot spot-- which was a bother to be honest, so I only logged on once or twice a week for a couple hours at a time and used my phone for most other things. That year was also the year that I resumed television least during the week and became an avid movie-goer. Now that I have high speed internet in large doses, it's back to my regular scheduled programme. I'm in overdrive...making up for lost time:)

(2) I always knew this one, but I am not a morning person. Hard to admit on a public arena but now I'm an entrepreneur, I feel little restraint to rise at 5 or 6 in the a.m. as I was forced to do for many, many years in an effort to beat rush hour traffic. (Oh how I don't miss that one bit!) However I still try my best to wake at a reasonable time to answer and attend to any business calls and early morning meetings. 

So I lied...there's a third thing...but I digress. I can't stress enough that we all need to be present in the moment and not live in the past. If we are fully present to enjoy all those moments in time as they happen, there will be no need to regress and rehash what's gone. Can you relate? If so, please post a comment. There's so much more to expound on this, but I will save this for another blog post. 

Life is a wondrous gift, so hang on, savour the memories, tell the ones you love you care and leave your mark because as the great Dr. Maya Angelou once said: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." You taught us well, may your beautiful soul rest in peace. (see earlier tribute here >>

OK...I'm sorry...fourth and words (and wine/sangria lol) truly heals and illuminates the soul! Right now I'm listening to Gloria Estefan and Jon Secada...golden hits....unforgettable sounds...earlier this week one of my sisters shared her experience of seeing Miami Sound Machine in concert in the 80s at the National was wonderful hearing her speak of that happy memory...wish I was old enough! Who are some of your favourite artistes?

Here's to the weekend. Hope you had a productive week and may His annointing fall upon you and may wonderful things abound in the week ahead  ~

Peace & Love

Friday escape

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fruits of our Labour

Another special share just for you from Thinking out Loud: Chapter 2 - Career & Passion

The euphoria of realizing our innermost aspirations is priceless and matches no other feeling in the world. Ever since I can remember myself, I was always curious as to people’s passion in life. 

I knew what mine was, but to almost everyone I met, I would always ask the question: if money was not an issue and we lived in a utopia where we did not have to work for a living, what would you do? 

The answer must resonate deep within your soul, because no one else in this world possesses the exact talent and abilities as you do, hence the reason for each of us being created.

Some people may think: Me? What do I have to offer? But it should not be too hard to determine if we really look deep within ourselves. Something that makes you happy and suddenly time is not an issue. An eternity would go by and it would seem like mere moments have passed (I feel this way about writing—I guess that’s why I’m still working at 3 am!). Something that feels like second nature and can be performed with effortless ease. Something that gives you inspiration to continue, and empowers you to fulfil your true potential. It may be as simple as cooking, talking/counselling, painting or landscaping. The sky is the limit to our creative aspirations.

When we think of a career most of us think of a particular amount of time spent at a certain location that at the end of the day puts food on the table and pays our bills. It may or may not be something we necessarily have a passion for, but it conforms to society’s expectations or it serves a purpose within our social stratosphere. It may be that we are doing this to satisfy a tradition in our family, or maybe allowing a parent to live vicariously through us by fulfilling one of their needs or former aspirations. It may be satisfying a social or economic need. If this is the case, it then becomes a job, not a career.

            Personally, I think a career is a vocation, a calling for which we have an innate ability or flair for a passion; a yearning to fulfil a greater purpose in life, something we were destined for from the day we were born, not just something we studied at university or were taught, but a lifelong commitment to a dream that can be manifested in several different shapes and forms. 

It may be a particular mathematical or reasoning ability that can be translated into a customized service tailored to meet the needs of a niche market. Or a skill or knack for gardening for which we enjoy growing organic produce (free from chemicals or insecticides) or flowers of a particular variety. Whatever it is that we do, we must possess a love for it, for us to really excel and be happy. And everyone will know this as a result, for it will be evident to all whom we come into contact with. 

Our efforts will be less arduous because it is coming from a place of peace and contentment. We would look less at our neighbour and concentrate more on the Fruits of our own Labour.  I believe a career should in some way positively influence the quality of life or add some value to society. Whether it is a product that you have created or helped to create, the provision of a service or a feeling that you have invigorated; people must benefit from your life’s work.

            Many may assume, that to be successful one must have letters behind one’s name, a fancy title, or a corner office with a view, but some of the most affluent people in this world may be the nuts vendor selling on the street or the artist who paints from inspiration, that works from home and sells her paintings at the seaside to tourists. Whatever our skill, we can transform that into something tangible and even marketable. 

Once something is done from the heart and done for the right reasons, the possibilities for achievement are endless, as it transcends all physical or mental boundaries. To see what we have created, makes us yearn to create even more, as it fulfils an inner desire and gives us satisfaction to know that it has brought joy or comfort to someone else, or better yet, has brought about a change in that person’s modus operandi. 

Seeing our efforts realized fuels our energies and makes us want to consolidate our focus into something for a good cause, which is within the reach of the masses.

“Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for, and you will succeed.”  
-Sydney Smith (1771-1845)

Want to read more? Buy it here and check out my new author's profile>>
If you're in Trinidad, you can grab a copy at all locations of RIK Bookstore or Metropolitan Book Suppliers (Capital Plaza, Port-of-Spain) ohh and don't forget to post a review on Amazon!

Thank you :-)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Charting Your Destiny Video Promo!

Those of you that have been following my blog, may know that 2014 is the year that I decided to follow my dream. 

2013 was filled with many revelations, life lessons, fun memories and epiphanies that reawakened a deep desire and hunger within me to contribute so much more to the world in a more meaningful and profound way. 

One of the many things I will be doing is workshops based on the principles in my first book - Thinking out Loud. I've learnt so much and only thought it right to give back to others my inspiration and knowledge garnered along the way. 

This workshop assists you to:

  • Find your true passion and purpose, 
  • Let go of negativity which may be inhibiting the path to your dreams, 
  • Learn to appreciate the simple pleasures and 
  • Discover what are the most important things in life

Based on the feedback so far, it has allowed once dormant memories to be awakened, participants experienced a catharsis of once bothersome situations or feelings, felt a greater appreciation for life and all of their blessings...some even made new friends! This is just a tip of the iceberg...there's soo much more!

If you want to be a part of this experience, wherever you are located please send an email to

For now, you can check out this fun video!

It brings a smile to my face each time!

The wait is over...I am pleased to unveil my motivational workshop video - 

"Charting Your Destiny"

Sunday, June 1, 2014