Friday, January 31, 2014

Moving Day...

My old stomping ground...will miss you Tobago...will be back sooner than you can miss me...had the best week...thanks to all those special people that made time for me and took the time to visit and help with the transition...2013 was fabulous but can hardly wait for what 2014 has in store...

I'm now packed and fully loaded...ready to rolll...

Future here I come!!!

Peace & Love

Where Thinking Out Loud all began...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy but it's Time to Move On!

As I awake to a brand new day in sweet Bago land, I am filled with all sorts of emotions. My being here signals the end of an era and saying goodbye to many memories...

First time living on my own (college doesn't count) and away from home for so long, turning my own key and having to do everything for myself…First real taste of independence, discovering that I had all this courage, strength, self-sufficient capability within me and tons more. 

(Yes I sound spoilt I know! –For those of you that know me, you know why:) But trust me coming back here this time around, after having been back to Trinidad for the longest in over a year…I’ve come to appreciate just how brave and strong I really was!

When I meet people my age that I haven't seen in a while, they often seem shocked when they learn that I moved here on my own!

Tobago has been real wonderful as I made a lot of new connections and got to see and experience the island and by extension the world thru a different lens. As with everything in life, of course it was fraught with its own challenges, but those were short-lived and pale in comparison to the overall experience. 

I never got lonely, never ran out of things to do and never wanted for anything. I am humbled and grateful. I give GOD all the glory! 2013 has been a good year… I can’t say I had any major complaints. And you know what’s even better? 2014 is shaping up quite nicely as well...Still officially on vacay but working hard as usual.

I will sure miss this view....sniff sniff :(
This morning I was filled with so much nostalgia and a tinge of sadness to be leaving this life behind. Ironically, I also felt sad to leave home yesterday even though it was just for a week, since I have a lot of family related things going on there. 

As the boat docked as the sun was just setting over the bay and I drove to my apartment from the port, I felt in my soul that I have really embraced the decision to move back to Trinidad. A lot of my friends thought it would have been hard to return home, but I must say that I am really surprised and thankful for my versatility.

Change is something I was never really good at, but within recent years I have come full circle to adapt to my environment and accept the new opportunities that present itself in my life. People are a different story. I am still having difficulty adapting and accepting the behavior of those that I thought to be close to me.

After having gotten used to living in a house with people since Christmas, it’s sort of strange as I look around my empty apartment filled with only possessions and memories of a happy time. As I use the next few days to clean up and pack up the rest of my stuff, I will do some soul searching as I take steps to embrace my new life and all the people I left behind a year ago…although some of them never really left my side.

I will leave behind all the baggage and foibles that I need to work on so as to be the best me I can possibly be moving forward. Best of all I am ready to embrace the many new projects I have planned for 2014 and look forward to what adventures the year has to offer with keen interest. It’s a lot of hard work ahead and I’m excited and anxious to see it through. 

I will reveal the details in time but I will say this much as I have said over the past 13 months: I always thought that I had more to give and my journey was never defined by an 8-4 routine. Now is the perfect time (as I have nothing or no one stopping me) embrace those possibilities and step even further outside of my comfort zone, where I can truly live free and unfettered and give something back as I contribute to life and the world around me in a more meaningful and profound way.

My plan for the week is to work on my second book and other material in this quiet, scenic and relaxing ambiance and live it up one last time! As I sit here watching the lovely sunset again on my once back porch, I am waiting on a friend to join me...Happy hour starts in few hours…lol #SunSeaAndSand here I come! 

As for the things I have no control over, as the French say: C’est la vie!

Until next time…


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Lease on Life!

My oh my...January is almost thru! Time is an enigma that I would never be able to completely wrap my head around...

So I attempted this blog at least twice before, but for once I guess I have writer's block. Well not really...I've paused for a second to evaluate my's not that I did not want to share...but maybe it's what I share. From not writing in the first person and sharing little or no personal information at one point, to now sharing freely whatever I feel in my writing has suddenly taken on an agenda all on it's own. 

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I've been struggling with this thought for some time now...and the explanation of such...if it is subconsciously due to the thoughts of a couple of my siblings who did not particularly like my 3rd person accounts or maybe my writing has just morphed into something that is widely accepted as the norm...

Whatever it is, it never feels forced or always it comes natural and I feel comfortable doing so. While I will not go over the top and share ultra personal stuff as I've seen online with jaw and eyes agape, I maintain my confidentiality and peace of mind when I put my computer to sleep and it's lights out.

So I've deliberated on whether I should share this latest iota of information...and I decided I'm just going to let it flow. I'm going to stop listening to what other people think I should write about and just write what comes inspiration escape. A few persons have even expressed their pleasure in reading some of my latest work over the past few months and of course this is a delight to keep the reviews coming!

It's amazing how sometimes your life can become clearer when you go through a life-altering experience. Although it's not a major metaphorsis, when you are on the way to recovery you are suddenly awestruck by the magnificence of life and your purpose. One more reason to thank God: I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed surgically last week and though it's not a big deal for some people, it was for me because of my narrow opening. It was highly technical and I was putting it off for many years...some doctors didn't even want to perform the surgery. But thank God I found a super gifted surgeon who is truly a God sent. When the initial anesthesia wore off, I felt like I had a new lease on was amazing. My family and friends were all praying for me and I feel so blessed, loved and elated that it was successful...I feel high on life...(and also still high on the meds! My doc said it will take a week to fully wear off).

With this hurdle out of the way and January almost over, I felt that I have paved the way for new and exciting things to come in the months ahead. Although this is a continous journey, I am thankful for the people that has crossed my path since I returned home and look forward to many more. I will have some announcements soon as I have lots in store...

My first Food for Thought and Life Lesson for 2014: 

While some things in life are meant to be and others aren't...we can't force the latter to endure. Some of the most unsolved mysteries remain a puzzle until the time comes for closure. We can't hold onto the past and blame ourselves if the outcome was different from what we expected. We just have to try to stay focussed and commit to being the best US we can possibly be. You can't fix those external people and situations around you, but you can fix what's within you...

Until next time...

Peace & Love.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Will you Change with the Tide?

What's your game plan? Many athletes come up with a plan about how to win that big game. So too many of us come up with plans for our life and how to accomplish our hearts desires...whether it's that job, man/woman, house or car. these things have purpose within our lives? Will it enrich our lives and the lives of those who cross our path? Is it in alignment with what God wants for us? I've found that many times it isn't. Most times this is driven by our need for material comforts...that would soon fade away when the novelty has worn off and replaced by another need for acquisition. It may be possibly driven by a need to keep up with the Jones' or satisfy some other need in our lives. In extreme cases this may be driven by greed and the need for status and popularity.
 image courtesy C. K. Correia © all rights reserved

Now I'm not saying it's not good to want and have nice things. Who doesn't love the look, smell and feel of new fact it is in alignment with the ever-popular psychologist Abraham Maslow's  hierarchy of needs model. 

Maslow (1970) posits that after your basic needs for safety, food, shelter etc are met, it's natural for us as humans to want to feel loved, affection and belong to family, friends, social groups and romantic relationships. It's also natural for us to want to fulfil our esteem needs and desire independence, self-respect, achievement and even prestige and dominance.

I strongly believe that once you maintain a relationship with God, uphold His laws as much as possible and give back to society through your life's work, He will reward you without you looking or trying too hard. We need not try to fill that gaping hole in our lives with things that don't mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. If we really consider the concept deeply, our life will still be the same with or without those things. Material comforts are temporary. They satisfy a temporary need. And most of all, they carry no meaning except in social circles.

When we are old and gray they would not be there to give us comfort. It's the people and relationships that you nurtured during your life that will endure and assist when you need it the most. And it most definitely will not put us in better standing with God the Father when we die...that is if you believe in the hereafter. We can't take it where we are fact we won't need's only to be enjoyed in this life. If you lack that happiness and peace in your soul, it won't do you much good either. Life is more than a pretty house with a view or a car with a sunroof. 

If you need a plan to "get" a woman or man...then she or he isn't worth the chase. They should want to be with you for you...for the non-material things you bring to the the ability to bring cheer when you are down, to offer moral support without asking, cook you a meal after a long day, bring a smile when you walk into a room or laugh like no one else can. Your ability to steer them in the right direction and vice versa or talk/listen for hours without tire means more than what money can buy. I'm no expert on love but you learn.

Time's a-changing and we are all a part of that movement of change...

Are we going to change with the tide? Or get lost and disappear in the waves?

Food for Thought...

Peace & Love.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

When the Lights Go Down...

Day 5 of the new year already! My...where is the time going!

The Christmas season is behind us and soon it will be time to take down the tree and will be sad to see the lights come down :( I trust that we not only received, but also gave a gift to someone in need...whether it was a smile, a hug, a phone call, an email or a warm meal. If you can afford to give monetary gifts, great but sometimes the best things in life are free and makes all the difference in the world. And it doesn't have to end at Christmas time, it would mean a lot if we can also extend this spirit of giving throughout the year.

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The new year is a great time to re-evaluate our connections with others. I'm sure every now and then we do a mental checklist of the persons we hold dear to our hearts. I've seen my connections on social media even announce a "spring cleaning" from time to time as they go through their "friends list" to see who makes the cut! I'm sure we are all guilty of that at some point. 

The time may come for us to sever ties with people who we think are not genuine or do not bring the right energy to our lives and indeed this is a sensible thing to do. Negative energy can only serve to cause us to lose faith and confidence in our goals and abilities, weaken our drive and deter us from our purpose and that's something we can all do without.

A friend reminded me tonight that not everybody that you talk to or who even supported you in the past will be truly happy for you. I've known this for quite some time, yet I try to ignore and act like business as usual. The way I look at it somewhere along the line, something you say or do may positively affect or influence someone else and vice versa. Out of the 95% discarded thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and other can certainly put aside one's personal feelings, fears and prejudices to stay open to the lessons or shared experiences with one another. 

We were having a conversation about sharing personal content on social media and also writing on the whole. Though not everyone will comment, it's good to know how I can improve my artform....that's all part of being a good listener and writer. You can't possibly listen to everything everyone says without losing your voice, but you can take what rings true to you and discard the rest or perhaps put it away for later use. After all, it's not about writing in a vacuum just for one's personal use...writing as with all the arts is for other people to enjoy and benefit.

Many people have been inspiring me and I need to accelerate and refocus my game plan for this year. I have so many things to do and I need to schedule my tasks and make timelines for achievement...otherwise time will just elude me and we don't want that! Task #1 starting tomorrow....I need to continue full speed ahead with my second book. I think I've been enjoying the sister isle a wee bit too much since I haven't been devoting as much time as I hoped for the past year.

January is going great so far and I'm thinking it can only get better. Spending quality time with family and friends I haven't seen in a long time was the perfect end to the holidays. I also got my workout regimen in place and I am determined to accomplish my fitness goals for 2014. My legs thank me after my two hour session at the gym yesterday...the soreness lets me know that I did something right! A little more cardio, then I am good to go...I can get rid of those extra pounds I put on during the holidays:) Sometimes company makes all the difference. 

Do you have any diet and fitness goals for the new year? What about lessons learnt in 2013 that you want to put in place in 2014? Please share!

Hope the weather is treating you right where you are and that you are keeping warm.

Until next time...


Friday, January 3, 2014

Breaking Boundaries...Charlie Rose!

So my new year got me off to a slow start...missed the gym today...and just pretty much slept in for most of the past couple days...oh the joys of being on vacation!...late nights and later'm not even embarrassed to say it...I feel as though after going at warp speed without more than 2 days rest at a time--even if so much, the tiredness of the entire year just came down upon me all at once! A few of my work colleagues feel the same way....But on a serious note, I feel as though 2014 is racing already...I've got sooo much things to do!

The first working day of the year, saw me sending a blog pitch to a few international online magazines...reviewing my own book #2 in progress and perusing several online magazines and social media cites..we'll see how this goes...I'm determined to have my work published in more magazines in 2014...never really put much energy into it before but I feel this is my year...

I have yet to complete a couple presentations I've been working on sporadically since November...between wrapping up work projects, travel and Christmas preparations, I've been totally now is the time to make the most of my down time before it gets busy...

I'm not really a TV person but I've been watching a little bit every now and then...what I really enjoy watching is a programme I discovered late last year which some may be familiar with - The Charlie Rose Show. I was totally impressed by his journalistic skills and also the guests he chooses for his show, which even included the late great Nelson Mandela. He's definitely breaking boundaries to deliver the inside scoop to enquiring minds. 

Now that I have my wonderful high speed internet access back 24/7, man I've been following everybody on every social media cite imaginable: twitter, facebook, youtube, blog, name it! I need to get back in touch with the world of's delightful to say the least.

Oh, so back to Charlie Rose...recently I caught bits of James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio and a year in review, but my best by far is Mandy Patinkin, of which I managed to see most. Mr. Rose sure knows how to choose his guests and it's so inspiring to hear them speak. Tonight I watched the year in review where salient snippets of persons interviewed over the decades (who also died in 2013) were aired...a bit morbid you may think...but it made me marvel at how important this man's job is and all journalists and media practitioners for that matter. 

The subjects' life's work and story/legacy if you may, is forever immortalized and captured...frozen in time for generations to come. Viewers who did not even have the chance to know of them or their story can review these archives at any time and get a glance at what their life was about and the mark they left on the world. They can now view their films or books and have an opportunity to receive the messages or lessons embedded within their art. I think it's an amazing gift to the world and an important job. Hats off to you!

That's all she wrote for now...I have a busy day ahead...gym is definitely on the agenda! Then I can take on the world! Till next time...


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hope the first day of the new year finds us in a comfortable place within our hearts. May you always have peace and contentment, family, good friends and love, good health, long life, true wealth that money can't buy and enough of everything to last a lifetime through! 
May you have the will power, courage, fortitude and determination to persevere to the end and overcome all of your battles and fears and follow your dream to fruition.
Wishing you a bright and bountiful 2014 and beyond.