Monday, February 2, 2015

Hit Me With Music

Bob Marley said it best.

Today I was reminded of how much I LOVE music. I was on the road quite a lot and needed to clear my mind. Saturday night also as I drove home, I found my mind racing with thoughts that should not be there. Today I found so much joy from turning up my stereo and listening in silence to the songs that played. In those moments in between verses I felt myself relax....

Today I sang and jived to Damian Marley on my travels. Yesterday it was the Jamaican gospel CD my Mom loaned me. (Maybe I'm really a Jamaican!:). Tonight it was 80s music. I loveed every minute of it!

I read somewhere recently that playing an instrument benefits your brain more than any other activity. In that case, I need to dust off the old piano and start cranking out some tunes. My Dad would love that if he could see. 

He always wanted me to be a pianist and thought I should play more. He often told me over the years that I cried for the piano they bought me at age 7! I have no recollection of this however and soon grew out of this childhood phase. Although I continued to take piano lessons for many years and aced the Royal Schools of Music examinations, I later found out that my true love lay elsewhere. 

I remember playing to him last September and he could not believe it was me. When I asked if he liked it and knew it was me, he started to clap and said: "Is so?" and his face lit up :-) At Christmastime I would sometimes play carols and the classics. Sweet memories.

It's important to find a release no matter how busy our lives get. I forgot how great it feels. 2015 is off to a good start: meditation for the mind and exercise for the body. Writing, reading and music are my other cathartic releases. A great combination to overall wellness. 

The host of my meditation sessions urged me to keep practising stillness and I would soon see a transformation. Yes, I am in good company. I look forward to getting closer to that target.

What do you do to relax and unwind? 

Divine Order.

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