Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm Doing Me!

Hi, I'm a blogoholic and it's been 6 days since my last blog...


I hate to admit it, but I've lost speed somewhere along the line which is soo unlike me...but I plan on fixing that right now. I'm re-thinking the direction of my blog. I think one of the areas I need to work on is to not let what other people say (or not say) consume me and pervade my being! 

For about a year sporadically a very close friend of mine have been telling me that I need to provide more personal anecdotes in my writing, as did a couple of my siblings over an extended period of time. When I did do that...somehow it did not feel right. I felt like deleting the blog post before anyone can see it! (Funny these are also the posts that I got the most feedback on :S )

I also found myself filtering my subscribers to only allow "certain" people to see my latest revelation and adventures and sharing it on only selected social media fora. Writing's not supposed to be like that...I know right?

Prior to this a few persons who bought my book on Amazon took the time to email as well as others who just came across my blog via facebook or google. Yet I still get bogged down by what other people think. 

Why is this you ask! Just trying to be a people pleaser I guess. After all I don't write in a vacuum just for my consumption. Recently I have been told by some of the same people that I share too much...ahhh the agony! My friend still maintains her view but to each his/her own.

For me writing is based on energy. If I feel good or inspired to write or vent...I do. I share what comes naturally and feels good in my heart. I don't necessarily think that a blog or inspirational writing should read like a diary, but rather an outlet for expression that is intended to help, inspire or motivate others. There must be a message to which others can identify. I agree that this must be illustrated by way of examples, but after perusing other blogs and books, this is not always the case and it does not necessarily have to be your own experiences. 

With that said...I have decided that I will turn inward and follow my heart and see where that leads. In this life, if you take time to listen to everyone you would be forever blowing to and fro in the wind like a palm tree. For too long I have allowed others to dictate my pace and from this moment on I have decided to make a conscious effort to think on my own, make my own decisions and just LET GO and DO ME. 

I must say that this week has been eventful. I had the opportunity to present my workshop for a couple friends and former colleagues and it exceeded my expectations...the feedback was overwhelming. They thought it to be a very valuable and inspiring eye-opener and gave me some useful tips to market it to all niche markets. It was so great re-connecting with old friends and sharing my passion! I felt immense peace and elation. 

I also met with an intellectual property attorney who again shared some valuable advice and tips on publishing, blogging and freelancing. To make things even better, I met a young man (Trinidadian) who is a translator living in Venezuela and writes poetry...this meeting took place when I took in an early movie by myself a few days ago. Interestingly enough he is also desirous of becoming a blogger and author. I have been waiting for the right moment to share with my readers that I am thinking of publishing an e-book which will be a collection of poetry...

I never thought that I could write poetry until now, because I thought that this was what only truly creative people do...until some experiences prompted me to pen my innermost thoughts and emotions so as to find my release and much needed healing and catharsis. Some years ago it was also suggested that I translate my book into another language. I will cross that bridge when I get to it!

I have been praying for a few months for God to send someone my way who can provide guidance on the form and structure of my poems and voila! As always my God provides! My new friend Shane also thinks that it was not by chance that we were the first two patrons in the cinema to see Think Like a Man Too.

Life is fraught with highs and lows...but it is only when we recognize the beauty in the simple things and gestures that we can bounce back and recover from the troughs...

Many other exciting things in the the launch of my audio book in the next couple weeks...more workshop non-profit work on the editing of a magazine, planning of events and much much more...I'm excited!

Hope your week was well spent and you Made it Count! Continue doing YOU!

As always if you can relate or have a question, please feel free to drop me a line in the contact form to the right of your page.

Until next time...

Peace & Blessed Love

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