Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Time to Put the Pedal to the Metal

The internet is truly amazing. No matter how hard I try to focus on the tasks at hand, I keep getting sucked in. Hence the reason my real work is beginning at 12 am. Yes. I am a night owl that seldom watches television [save for The Voice (love the new judges...they complement Adam & Blake so well!), The Mindy Project and the BBC--which I've just resumed watching since I left Tobago.] 

Something drew me to two blogs tonight. Once is a friend's blog and the other just one of the few dozen random persons to whom I subscribed. I've watched countless Marketing and Life Coaching videos since I embarked on entrepreneurship this year. I'm sooo inspired by all of these ideas and thoughts bouncing around in my head. I wish I could forget about the rest and just W.R.I.T.E...and help people realize their dreams...That will also take me to a whole new level as I broaden my scope and learn more about people and life in the process. 

Books and articles and research and Self-Enhancement workshops and eventually Life Coaching. Just a random thought. If we lived in a perfect world and I didn't have to worry about earning a dollar...that's what I'd do. Why did Eve have to make life so darn complicated?! Writing truly energizes my soul beyond which words can describe. But in reality I rarely find nearly enough time to write as I much as I like. I look around with wonder and amazement and can't help but admire persons who can churn out dozens of books every few years. I am still struggling on Book #2!!! ahhh

Photo credit - C.K.Correia 2013 All rights reserved
Roxborough, Tobago
Last week I updated my sticky note on my pc's home screen. I've accomplished some tasks which I am happy about. Tonight I make a to-do list and stick to it. I'm on a tight deadline and will not get distracted. I will complete all my tasks set out for this month. And...I will make it spectacular! 

For sustenance my mind keeps wandering back to my experience on the sister isle when I exceeded the expectations I set for myself last year. I remember in one instance where I worked on a calender nearing the end of the year. I worked day and night to get it done in time for Christmas... 

I procured a professional camera some months before...thank heavens for that. I took photos. Sourced the others from some unsourcable sources! Phoned and emailed the printers and graphic artists back and forth a couple zillion times. I remember leaving work and liming one Friday night...getting back home close to midnight...taking an hour nap and then waking up to email photos through my temperamental internet hotspot. That night I never made it to bed until 4 am the next day. 

I remember waking up at 2 pm the following day (Saturday) in a daze...thinking it was already Christmas! Still managed to do laundry and cook lunch (which turned into dinner!) and go to the movies. I made site visits to the printers...one time I remember leaving work and driving to the other end of the island at Crown Point to proof the sample calenders, then drove back to Scarborough to catch my ferry home that weekend. I was happy when the day came to finally approve the artwork. 

To make a long story short: everyone including directors, heads of department, stakeholders and staff alike were pleased with the end result. And I still have my souvenirs to show for my wonderful year filled with many milestones and new initiatives:) 

This memory keeps me going to accomplish the feats that lay ahead...it seems great at times but I know through the grace of God, I will get it done...even if I have to turn night into day. It's time to put the pedal to the metal and get cracking.

Do you remember a time when you surmounted the obstacles and beat all odds to get something done?