Sunday, July 13, 2014

Can you Crush It?

Hey again....I just finished listening to "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk for the second time in three years...Wow! I feel like I am now ready to really listen as I decided to follow my entrepreneurial dream this year. 

An old colleague gave me this audio book a few years ago and it was the best thing he could do for me at the time. This book is amazing for anyone interested in building their personal brand/business and leveraging themselves on social media as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in their field.

Over the years and more recently, I've done quite a bit of research, subscribed to many video blogs, newsletters and such, but this author echoed a lot of my personal sentiments about my passion and drive and I'm glad to know that there are other people like me in the world. 

Many persons don't understand why I am up so late all these odds hours ALL the time for many years...even when I had my day jobs....but indeed it is fuelled by my abundant passion and love for what I do and I can't picture any other way to spend my time, that is, when I can tear myself away from my computer long enough to see the other side of life. (I've missed many gym days because of this! If it weren't for my friends I'd probably be 10 lbs heavier by now:)

Of course you must strike a balance because we all have to eat right?! In this book Gary Vee explained how to monetize your passion with real life examples, which I'm sure haven't changed much since the time of writing. I love how he makes it sound so super simple and within reach to the masses...well anyone who has access to a computer and a basic understanding of the internet. 

You can literally hear the excitement in his voice which makes you want to put it on pause and leap right to your computer and get cracking! Heck last night I spent hours redesigning my blog to incorporate all of these cool features and recommendations he speaks about in his book.

Prior to this I have noticed however that more traffic has been generated towards my blog and facebook page (even the older posts)...Although I have a few hunches, I'm not quite certain how this happened...But who's complaining?! In any event I'm super excited and elated for all of this new interest. 

Please feel free to hang around and find out more in my "about me" pages and subscribe to my weekly posts...oh and tell a family member or friend or two or three!!

Also feel free to email me (at and let me know if there's an area that you would like me to discuss in my blog or what I can do for you!~

Hope this blog meets you in good spirits and you're still celebrating World Cup fever!

Till next time, have a great week and Remember to Make it Count!

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

Congrats to the Winners of FIFA World Cup 2014!

World Cup fever has come and gone :-(
As we bid adieu to a month well spent glued to our television sets...
We say congrats to the new winners of the 
2014 FIFA World Cup: 
In my mind, all the teams are winners because they tried their best. But hats off to the Germans for enduring to the end! 

Ich gratuliere!
See you in Russia for World Cup 2018!

Never a Dull Moment

You know there's rarely a dull moment in my world...I've just completely revamped my personal blog! #GottaLuvGoogle :-)

Every few years, I like to change things up so as to keep it exciting. I've redesigned the user interface and made it more user friendly by enhancing your experience with some cool new  features like:

Email subscriptions, 
About me pages, 
Most popular posts of all time, 
Blog archive, 
Live visitors feed, 
Page views counter, 
Links to my website and other pages,
Picasa photos,
Share buttons and various ways to interact...and so much more...

It's even easier on the eyes...Don't ya think?!

Feel free to stay a while and navigate your way around the site. While you're here you can sign up for my weekly updates/blog posts on the home page and of course feel free to share with your family and friends!

Happy Sunday!