Saturday, March 21, 2015

Character is Everything

Tonight's blog I promise is going to be a short one. This week had it's highs and lows and at
photo credit - C. K. Correia 2015. Al rights reserved
Mason Hall, Tobago
the end of it, I am grateful for the outcome. I've been awash with a sea of emotions since so much is going on simultaneously, but I'm excited about the journey. 

I've been grappling with declaring my faith in the public realm, but today I can't help but shout it from the rooftops that prayer never fails. So many fantastic things happening in my life and I owe it all to my faith. 

Something that's been on my mind for the past year has finally come to pass and it is only short of miraculous. Although I can't declare it publicly as yet, I am amazed at the power of intent. 

I've been even thinking about it on the ferry to Tobago recently and remembered asking a friend for his advice. I returned from my vacation with it still on my mind and as I drove to my destination, I got a call with the good news! A proposal I sent almost a year ago to date was discovered and well the rest is history. The person on the other end of the line declared: "Nothing before it's time." Wow!

As I watch other pieces of this great big puzzle of life fall into place, I stand back and smile. I silently and sometimes literally jump for joy. I can't believe that God is showering me with all these blessings despite my imperfection. I am happy and grateful for another chance to work on my frailties, put the past to bed and let my inner light shine. A couple wise people once told me: "Carolyn, it's all about character. Outward appearances are just that. They don't mean anything. Character is everything."

We are all a work in progress, but the genuine people will always see your true worth.

Peace & Love.

Have a great weekend.