Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Cry No More Because I Learnt From Yesterday

Exercise and laughter does wonders for the soul. Today was a vast improvement from my state of mind yesterday. Although this day was by far way more dysfunctional, I feel an exuberance that I did not feel the day before.

Today everything that could go wrong did. It did however begin on a high point as I sat down at my computer to work on my new book. I felt excited to begin the day as I listened to Diana Ross: "Ain't no mountain high enough" and chatted through my open window with one of the workmen at our house about the book. 
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Lambeau, Tobago

This was not to last, as I soon  got an email that literally accelerated my heart rate for a few minutes. I responded and moved on. 

Next my brokers called to tell me my premium went up because of a misquote by the insurers! Sigh...I prayed that the situation would remedy itself.

It did not end there, when I returned home from the gym, I walked into a danger zone as my room was turned topsy turvy as the old ceiling was removed without me knowing! In case you don't know what this is like: there was debris everywhere! 

Yes, it really sounds like I didn't have a good day! But my outlook is what made the difference.

I dealt with everything quickly as it happened and although I was angry, I vented at the gym with my friend and trainer and got it out of my system. After 15 minutes into the workout, we were laughing and talking about things that happened a year ago. Funny, she remarked that a year ago, instead of laughing I was crying!

I suddenly remember the words from my first book Thinking out Loud: "Everything lasts for a time and then we move on to the next big thing that takes focus in our lives." So, why dwell and worry about today, because tomorrow is another day!  I hadn't fully experienced all the different nuances of emotions that I have today back then when I wrote that, but I am glad for the inspiration and continue to learn. I am still growing and healing and dealing! 

Today I learnt to change my perspective and change the outcome. I know I need to manage my emotions better but suddenly the things of today, don't matter any more because I lived in the present and I'm now at peace.

As my mother always says: "Thank God and kind friend."

Peace & Love.

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