Monday, April 20, 2015

Book #2 Update

Thought I'd share some comments from my beta readers over the past few weeks on my manuscript of my new book/memoir:
  • Preface: "Love this portion right here… It humanizes the content, makes it oh so real… Allows readers to foster that connection with you from the get go... Great stuff."
  • "Really like how chapter 1 unfolds just as the theme says"
  • "Chapter 4 is excellent. Like how it flows, and keeps with the ideal theme of gratitude and acceptance."
  • Chapter 5: "Love this title…Think it's compelling to draw in the reader…A nice contrast to the positive flow of the book…Profound for the person who is driven “hell-hard” to make their transition/change, and gets anxious, frustrated with themselves, and lives the spoken prophecy of failure, because they are not patient with themselves."
  • "Like the summary and pointed learnings/outcomes of the chapters"

Will keep you posted on further developments! I'm humbled and grateful and even more motivated to continue. This is what's is all about :)

The countdown to publication is on! The planning of the book launch has been underway since February. 

Special thanks to my beta readers, editor and special friends. Your support means the world to me.

Thanks for stopping by. You make it all worthwhile! Stay tuned to this space.