Thursday, November 20, 2014

My 12 Minutes of Fame

So many great things happening this week.

On Tuesday I attended my friend Maxine Attong's book launch. I saw her dreams turn to reality as she put to bed her "head book" Change or Die and ushered in her passion, pride and joy which she calls her "heart book" --Lead Your Team To Win. I listened to her eloquently bare her soul in some instances and express what the publication of this book meant to her and the long journey which led to this moment. As I listened, I couldn't help but find some similarities in my own work/life/passion experiences and what led me to write my second book. 

What struck me during the guest speaker's speech (Keston Nancoo) as he drew reference to Maxine's book, was when he said as a leader you must listen impassibly...from the frame of reference of the person speaking. You must give the other person the opportunity to be heard. He said that at times most persons in leadership positions walk around like they are the boss while others don't view them as such based on their behaviour. 

The author's own experiences and metamorphosis as a successful leader brings home the points made in the book. This makes it very real and personable which is very attractive to me as a reader. As a former HR professional and now business owner I can't wait to purchase my copy on kindle!

My 12 Minutes of Fame

Also on Tuesday I received a text from a friend to appear on a local TV talk show called D Lunch Room on Synergy. He asked me to come on the show to promote my newly launched audio book of Thinking out Loud. 

This is something I always shy-ed away from for whatever odd and subjective reason...even when the bookstore offered to set up radio and TV appearances for me back in 2011.

This was the biggest mistake I ever made since I don't know what I was afraid of in the first place! I almost turned it down and recommended Maxine to go on the show! LOL. My friends knocked some sense into me though. My sister and another friend watched it and they said I was awesome! I felt like I could talk all day...I answered even the most difficult, personal questions or successfully and eloquently dodged it and steered the conversation in another direction! lol...I surprised myself and I think I'm  now hooked...on to the next! Big thanks to all those who had confidence and supported me.

From my lips to God's ears

The good news doesn't end there...for the persons who have been following my loved one of whom I spoke of earlier is being discharged from the hospital soon and I found a nurse to do house calls last night. Yes indeed I must say again that GOD IS GREAT!

Peace & Love

ps I also got the preliminary cover design of my new looks fabulous and I can't wait! So far everyone loves it...The excitement is building...and the countdown to publication is on!