Friday, February 6, 2015

What I've Learnt About Being An Author

Yup, I missed my Thursday blog. This is one of the few times I skipped since I began my challenge of blogging everyday last December. A lot going on and nothing at all at the same time! After a super busy 2 weeks, I've finished the revisions to the first half of my new book! Yay me! That would make it 6 chapters, including the preface. The final chapter to end this section is a somewhat painful before I do, I think I need to have a glass of wine (to loosen up and share freely!).

What I've learnt from this book

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Nothing good comes easily without sweat. 

I've spent several sleepless nights to get this done within my deadline. Went to bed at 6 am a few times without naps in between! 

Sacrifice pays off because I'm so glad how it's turning out and how much of my journey I'm really sharing. 

My reward is when my readers get a chance to read and give me feedback. Some people are already lining up to place their order! I'm so thrilled and grateful for the support. Can't wait to hear what they have to say. If it helps only one other person, my work would have been well worth it.

My opinion is relative

I may like my work - a lot. But until someone else other than me feels that way, it's just pointless. Other people have to relate and if they don't, you're writing in a vacuum. The truth is, you're not gonna buy your own books, so test out your market. 

If you're considering writing a book, try a blog or share some sample chapters with a few objective and trustworthy friends. I did not know my book was missing "juice" until my editor read it and told me I needed to "bleed on the page" for readers to connect and resonate with what I was experiencing. 

I've done just that and surprised myself because I told her I couldn't do it because I wasn't comfortable with other people reading all that personal stuff. But it wasn't too much. I love it, my sister and Mom does too. And most of all: my editor makes three! She thinks this is a vast improvement from the first draft, but I just need to hold up on the ellipses! lol...(that's our inside joke:). Now for my marketing expert to bite. He already likes my writing, so I'm hoping he feels the same way about the book.

Give myself some credit!

During my journey, people have been telling me things like: "You are very brave"... "You inspire me"... "I'm proud of've accomplished a lot and come a long way" One of my friends recently told me that not everybody can write a book. I honestly did not know this.

I've been brainwashed so much by a minority of people over the years that tried to convince me that I wasn't writing anything special and it's pointless. One person went as far to say that he can write a book and publish it in the morning! Another said that writers/authors don't make a lot of money and I will never become a best selling author so I should stop writing books!!

My first book was fairly easier as it was a compilation of articles that were already published in the press over a period of time. But this book has been a 6 year journey. Many stumbles and falls along the way. I've had many bouts of writer's block where I shelved the book for a few years due to bad advice and just lack of time and motivation to continue. But now here I am on the cusp of a brand new adventure. 

After these last revisions, I realized that publishing is not for the faint-hearted, even if you're bursting with talent, not everyone has the fortitude and willpower to do this. It takes a lot out of you mentally, physically and emotionally. It's like a marathon! But I'm almost there....
I am happy. I'm proud of myself and I am hopeful for my book's success. 

I can't do it without you, please stick around and join me to see how it turns out...
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I'll be sure to keep you posted and post excerpts when available.

Thank you so much for staying with me this far.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Peace & Love xoxoxox