Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Today is my sisters' birthday (yes they're twins). The one I refer to in this blog had a great day. But not for the reason you may think. Every time I asked her if she was having a good day she said yes. She enjoyed it in her own way doing what she loved.

I offered to take her and my Mom for ice-cream on the bay. To this she said no. I invited her to come with me to my meditation class this evening, you guessed it. She opted to stay home. 

So what made her day so special? She got to stay home and watch her favourite shows on the tele! Yesterday she sat in my room while I read her an excerpt from my new book and watched Amy Winehouse videos. For her this was fun...and for me too.

However if you made me stay home all day to watch TV (one of my least favourite pastimes for a number of years) I would think you are punishing me. But to my older sister, she was in TV heaven! I guess it's an age specific thing as a couple of my older friends her age also love television.

So to answer the aged-old question: what makes you happy? Staying true to yourself and just "doing you!" Can't go wrong with that...hits the spot every time. To use the words of one of my friends when he described my writing and synopsis for my new book: "no forced extravagance."

Yup my sister is keeping it real.

In a few days I collect her Transformer tablet. I expect that this will "transform" her life!  lol. Indeed it would be hard separating her from that device for a greater part of the day! Ahhh!

What do you love to do on your birthday?! Do share.

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Happy Birthday to all the January babies born on this day!

Peace & Love