Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life is Precious: You Don't Get a Redo! Please, Please Be Careful on the Black Carpet!

Happy October!

With recent news coming to hand, I must put out publicly the following reminder...

Friends: please be careful on our roadways! Every day we take a chance when we venture past our front door, turn the ignition, get on the subway, bus, airplane or taxi...It. Is. A. Scary. World. I will never ever take life for granted after my near death experience this year.

Technology has catapulted us into a more advanced society where life is sometimes easier and faster, yet those of us that can remember (not me~) often long for the good old days. You know the ones that your parents or grandparents talk about where life was easier and simpler. The time when the only thing you had to worry about was taking your bike to work or walk.

Now it's impossible to walk or ride anywhere with the plethora of vehicles on our busy motorways. We can't imagine life without technology and I am the first to be thankful, but sometimes it would go a long way, if we just take a mental step back and slow down, be kinder and more considerate on the roads. Think about how you or your loved ones will like to be treated by other motorists.

I have received so many bad drives over the last few weeks, I know it's sometimes difficult to remain calm. There is no rush to the finish line when the rest of our life is waiting for us to enjoy.

Everything else can wait when we think of returning to the smiles of our loved ones and dreams to fulfil. What's waiting for us on the other side can wait a few more years when we can truly say that we have fully lived, loved, learnt and shared. 


photo credit-C.K. Correia 2014 All rights reserved. Stonehaven Bay