Friday, January 3, 2014

Breaking Boundaries...Charlie Rose!

So my new year got me off to a slow start...missed the gym today...and just pretty much slept in for most of the past couple days...oh the joys of being on vacation!...late nights and later'm not even embarrassed to say it...I feel as though after going at warp speed without more than 2 days rest at a time--even if so much, the tiredness of the entire year just came down upon me all at once! A few of my work colleagues feel the same way....But on a serious note, I feel as though 2014 is racing already...I've got sooo much things to do!

The first working day of the year, saw me sending a blog pitch to a few international online magazines...reviewing my own book #2 in progress and perusing several online magazines and social media cites..we'll see how this goes...I'm determined to have my work published in more magazines in 2014...never really put much energy into it before but I feel this is my year...

I have yet to complete a couple presentations I've been working on sporadically since November...between wrapping up work projects, travel and Christmas preparations, I've been totally now is the time to make the most of my down time before it gets busy...

I'm not really a TV person but I've been watching a little bit every now and then...what I really enjoy watching is a programme I discovered late last year which some may be familiar with - The Charlie Rose Show. I was totally impressed by his journalistic skills and also the guests he chooses for his show, which even included the late great Nelson Mandela. He's definitely breaking boundaries to deliver the inside scoop to enquiring minds. 

Now that I have my wonderful high speed internet access back 24/7, man I've been following everybody on every social media cite imaginable: twitter, facebook, youtube, blog, name it! I need to get back in touch with the world of's delightful to say the least.

Oh, so back to Charlie Rose...recently I caught bits of James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio and a year in review, but my best by far is Mandy Patinkin, of which I managed to see most. Mr. Rose sure knows how to choose his guests and it's so inspiring to hear them speak. Tonight I watched the year in review where salient snippets of persons interviewed over the decades (who also died in 2013) were aired...a bit morbid you may think...but it made me marvel at how important this man's job is and all journalists and media practitioners for that matter. 

The subjects' life's work and story/legacy if you may, is forever immortalized and captured...frozen in time for generations to come. Viewers who did not even have the chance to know of them or their story can review these archives at any time and get a glance at what their life was about and the mark they left on the world. They can now view their films or books and have an opportunity to receive the messages or lessons embedded within their art. I think it's an amazing gift to the world and an important job. Hats off to you!

That's all she wrote for now...I have a busy day ahead...gym is definitely on the agenda! Then I can take on the world! Till next time...