Thursday, November 6, 2014

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

So #happy to announce that the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago has purchased 35 copies of my audio book of Thinking out Loud!
I can finally say it's official! YAY!
#MakingItCount #AnAuthorsDreamComeTrue #DoingCartwheels

Does Your Life Seem Like A Revolving Door?

Trying to stick to my weekly blog is hard...but not for the reasons you think. Sometimes I want to blog more than once a week since I have soo much to was actually recommended a long time ago by my IT friends, but I feel as though I would be bombarding people's inboxes with too much of ME! Yet here I am. I am thankful if you are now opening your mail to read the words on your page despite all the other distractions of daily living.

I find that sometimes when you least expect it, your inspiration comes from the most
photo credit - CK Correia All rights reserved 2014
Grand -Mal, Grenada
unlikely places. These last two weeks I learnt something important about human nature. Never listen to hearsay. See and hear for yourself. Despite the appearances of what may seem like superficial interactions, your presence in another's life means more than you know. They may never tell you this, but you make an impact however small but noteworthy. 

The people you have met along your journey did not cross your path by accident. Your life and presence has value. It is up to us to sift thru the clutter and disguises, see behind the veneer of the intentions of others and reach within to find what you were placed on this earth for. I may have shortcomings, but it is not the be-all and end-all of my existence. There is room for growth and time for change. What's even greater is that my shortcomings do not define me...there's much more to me than what one or two persons may see or think. The same is true for you.

With that said, I will tell you what my friend Nigel said to me a few days ago:

"It matters not what is said or thought by others about you, but what is thought by you about you....The few that pursue their mind's meanderings remain the envy of the coward, the amusement of the fool and the admired of the sage.

He went further to say:


Potential is a heady spirit that should be voraciously consumed, for unlike wine potential sours with the passing of time.

Drink and be merry

I told him he should copyright that before I steal it. lol. But I give him and God the credit.

Over the past few weeks, I have received this outpouring of love, blessings and encouragement in my entrepreneurial journey and it is so heart warming. Since I made the decision to leave the corporate world in fact, everyone that I meet has this uncanny and resolute faith and confidence in the success of my business....even when mine is flailing at times. I stopped thinking it was just politeness after the first dozen people! I guess my passion is contagious. I just need to stop jumping ahead and make this moment count. Focus and acumen will find its place with practicality and steadfastness.

I often find myself being placed in the same situations over and over. However it is not one I welcome. My friends tell me that my life is an ongoing adventure and mini-drama series. It is never boring! I plead to listen to their life story for a change, but they tell me there is no's not as exciting as mine! Sometimes I wish that I could say that for a change. But I digress. 

We may find ourselves in the same old (sometimes negative) situations because something from our past needs to be resolved. We never got the closure we needed or dealt with it properly, so it manifests itself again through different people until we work through our angst. God finds a way to help us get it right. This is my spin on it which I go more in depth in my new book to be launched later this year or early 2015. 

So much more exciting stuff to report which you would read about it another blog but I thought I'd change it up tonight.

Please stay tuned to this space and keep me company as my journey unfolds...I can't do it without you!!

Peace & Love