Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Signs You're at the Wrong Job

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While some of us may have a clear and definite passion for our day jobs, some are not so lucky and find mustering the energy to rise every morning and to face the day to be agonizing.
Many of us just go through the motions to make an honest dollar — how depressing! In a perfect world, we would all be happy to jump out of bed, but in the real world, there are always variables that get in the way of this perfection.
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Every person is good at something and we all have some unique gift to share with the world — if we could have identified this at an early age, we would be sitting on goal mines.

Reflect and figure out what you find to be gratifying and take steps to do it full-time. Check out the following ways to determine if you’re wasting your time at a job that doesn’t fulfill you:

Sign #1 – Agony to rise

You know you’re in the wrong job when it’s agony to get up out of bed most mornings. Your alarm clock goes off a gazillion times until the snooze button is no longer an option.
Suffice to say, you often wish that there were four-day weekends and three-day workweeks. I often wonder why so many people are unhappy with their jobs… If you were in a job you loved, you would be excited to wake up each morning and face the day, as with each day, new possibilities await.

Sign #2 — You’re always tired

You manage to get out the door, commute to work and slip into your desk chair just before someone notices you’re late. No matter how early you go to sleep, you are always tired.
The workday seems to drag on. I often hear people asking if it’s 4 pm yet or chatting about how the day is lagging. Each little task becomes arduous when you dislike your job much. And obviously, as much as you’d sometimes like to do it, you can’t call in sick half of the week.
You’re the last one in, the first one out and your evenings pass you by so quickly that you wonder if your life is a real life version of “Groundhog Day.”

Sign #3 — Any time away from work is golden

Whether it’s the weekend, vacation, casual leave or simply your lunch break, you don’t want it to ever end. You savor and enjoy every last drop until there’s nothing left.
Sometimes, you wish that you didn’t have to go back, but it’s your bread and butter, so you suck it up and return to the office. Whether you work for yourself or for “the man,” work should fuel your energy and supply a deeper connection to help others.
In my book, ‘Thinking out Loud,” I define a career as “a vocation, a calling for which we have an innate ability or flair for, a passion, a yearning to fulfill a greater purpose in life, something we were destined for from the day we were born, not just something we studied or were taught, but a lifelong commitment to a dream that can be manifested in several different shapes and forms… If you do something for the mere love of it, countless hours would pass by and you won’t even notice because happiness and fulfillment energizes you beyond which words can describe.”
If this sounds like you, then you’re lucky to be amongst the few who are living their dreams and have found their callings. If it’s not, there’s still time to discover what makes you feel best.

Sign #4 – You’re always daydreaming of greener pastures

Although you may currently be working in a particular field, you may be doing something that is not in your job description or trying to find ways to incorporate it into your current job. Maybe you’re so good at it that people associate yours with a different job title.
You feel that your true skills and talents are being underutilized and unappreciated in your current role. As a result, you are also always working on some new project in your spare time to compensate for the lack of satisfaction you feel you have in your current job.
When you’re not “papering” the world with your resume, you are doing the “side hustle!” If this is you, then you have found your calling, but just haven’t yet found the correct home within which to showcase it. Keep this up and sooner or later, you’ll get to where you want to go.

Sign #5 – Overtime unwelcome

You hate having to be at work a minute longer than you have to be there. When asked to work late, you always have an excuse. To some, it may make a difference if they are being compensated, but others will opt for time over money any day.
Of course, a dedicated happy camper will always want to “tie up loose ends” before leaving the office. Any slip up can cause undue embarrassment due to shoddy workmanship and should be avoided at all costs.
So, if you’re in this category, you need to reevaluate your goals. Even if you don’t enjoy your current job, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with pride and do it well.

It is the expectation that after reaching a certain age in life, we can all find a career that we love and enjoy. Something to call our own that we are good at and motivates us to continue with a sense of pride.
A lot of people don’t enjoy the rat race but conform anyway because they have responsibilities that require a steady and dependable income.
Some enjoy their jobs, but not certain aspects that come with the title. Many of us would love to be our own bosses, work from home with our own flexible (usually longer) hours, doing something about which we are passionate, but few of us are risk takers and instead settle for something “safe” and, sometimes, mundane.
We only have one life to live, so whatever you do, always remember to remain committed to making the decision to be a happier and healthier you!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Looking at the Glass Half Full Can Actually Quench Your Thirst!

A lot of things can go wrong in a week...but then again a lot of things can also go right! The way you look at things can change your perception of a whole situation: it's the difference between looking at the glass half full or half empty. When I view a situation sometimes I don't always have all the answers. However I do strive to find the hidden meanings and resulting implications that every situation brings. What is admirable is a person's first reaction and aiming to get it right each and every time.

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There I was with my whole plan for how my week should run...little did I know how absolutely fabulous it would turn out in the end. Last Sunday I finished planning my 'big project' I was working on from late last year and most of this year and all I needed to do was add the finishing touches. However Monday found me in all sorts of moods...for no possible explanation! I was feeling fine for the most part, but just felt uninspired....lacklustre. You know what I was just one of those days. The result was me dialling a couple of my friends...of which only one had time to actually talk me out of my black hole. I'm not sure what exactly she told me, but somehow it worked! 

I got out of my funk and decided to get back in front of my computer to do something meaningful...I opened up my manuscript that I hadn't touched since January and suddenly had a creative spurt...the result was me writing 3000 words in just a few hours...By night time I had written an entire chapter...By the following day I had written three chapters to my new book!! YaY for me:)

The next day I received a call for another fascinating opportunity that I was expecting and that same morning my article was also published on Elite Daily. I was on a roll. The mind is a very powerful thing that can create anything we desire. Many things can play a role in the way we choose to carry out our daily lives but we cannot allow to get sucked in by the distractions and negative energies around us. 

Our minds are also very volatile and whether subconsciously or not we absorb a lot of things in our environment that are not always good for us. They come in many different disguises and have an impact on our psyche. If we do not channel or thoughts in the right way we can end up down a road that we don't want to travel. 

It is important to remember that true and lasting happiness comes from within and is not dependent on any external factor(s). A lot of times we attach significance to people, situations and random things for our peace of mind, when in actuality these things should not play a role in our happiness. The sad part is that they do most of the time. When we are able to apply this rule to our own lives and live up to this ideal, we can change the way we perceive the world around us and conduct our affairs so that we can really focus on carrying on with this business of living a full and productive life.

This moment is important. I intend on guarding my thoughts which have the potential to transform my words and actions. I am thankful for all my special friends and family that help with this process. I am learning every day.


Peace & Love.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

You Only Live Once: 5 Reasons You Should Drop Everything And Follow Your Passions Right Now

I'm so excited to share with you my first article which was first published on Elite Daily>>
The term “YOLO” has become so clichéd that it’s now a catchphrase for every imaginable product. But truly, we’re on earth only once.

You were created for a purpose

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Each one of us has unique skills, talents and abilities that set us apart from everyone else on this planet. When we discover these qualities within ourselves, we have the potential to harness real power that no amount of money can buy. Our abilities may bring light to someone’s day or change his or her world views.

Leave your legacy

Regardless of whether or not you have children, it is human nature to desire to leave behind a legacy. I may like to write books, you may like to sing and your best friend may like to make people laugh. We all are all distinct and unique and we all have the power to enrich and to contribute to the world.
We may underestimate our talents and people may even try to undervalue us, but we each have purposes in life. You may not realize the magnitude of your talents until many years later, when strangers tell you how your gift has changed their lives.

Find fulfilment

Whoever said fulfillment is overrated, clearly hasn’t found it yet. How many of us just go through the motions from year to year, living paycheck to paycheck just concerned about paying bills and making ends meet? Where is the passion, the joy or the love for what you do? How has it helped bring about change or influence lives for the better? If you live passionately every day, all else will fall into place.
If you are truly engaged in a career for the right reasons rather than having a mundane job to conform to the status quo, you will attract the right opportunities, situations and people to your life. You will reap the benefits and rewards of true wealth — and wealth that is not only monetary, but the kind that enriches the heart and soul.
It’s the good energy that emanates upon making a person feel a little happier and empowered. In the end, you will be rewarded with good things that really matter, which is exactly what you need for there to be no lacking in your life.

There’s no time like the present

When you’re following your dream, you must to do your research. As a writer and speaker, I come across a lot of information — some valuable, some super interesting and some that are just words. Doing the same thing for 50 years doesn’t necessarily make you a pro — it provides you with more experience, but being flexible with your actions and thoughts is so necessary.
The world is fluid and dynamic, always growing and changing and it is so important to embrace it. Someone who has five years of experience may bring a different spin and originality to a particular task with tons of creativity, research and flexibility than someone who has been doing the same thing for decades. It all depends on you: your strengths, how hard you are willing to work on your weaknesses and how open you are to constructive criticism and change.

Don’t be a hoarder

Erma Bombeck once said: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’” I believe that should be every artist’s mantra. True success means to have fully lived, shared, learned, and loved. Going through life with untapped talents means being a hoarder. So live, share, love, and enjoy the magnificence that life has to offer.

Friday, February 14, 2014

All the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love...

Hope your week ends with a bang!

I've survived an almost near meltdown as my computer mysteriously crashed and more! (Luckily I found a back up and all is not lost:)

Book #2 is under way but admittedly it’s not getting as much attention as it deserves. As I try to make a sprint to the finish line so as to meet my personal and professional deadline, I keep in mind that the race is not always to the swift. I have much to do in order to get to that place and it has only just begun. I think my experiences this year can only add value to what my next book has to patience is key... 

Last year was a growth period and as always life is a continuous evolution. Many things were revealed to me during that time during my daily meditations and reflections on the things and people I hold dear. The direction I am headed in is one of upward mobility as I prepare to cross the mental, emotional and psychological hurdles that present themselves every now and then. Whether they come in the form of people, situations or my own inner demons, I resolve that I will conquer and slay those dragons one by one. Where it all leads is as exciting as the climb to my destination…

Working from home has been a dream so far as I get to manage my time more effectively and do ALL the things I always wanted to simultaneously. As an added bonus, I also get to spend more QUALITY time with my family (especially my dad) as this time is certainly precious to all of us especially having been gone for 12 months prior. You would not believe the things that can happen in a year...

As I drove through the city this week, my location suddenly hit me all of a sudden like never before and I realize I am no longer in sweet Bago land…aka Tobago…I’ve grown so accustomed to Scarborough during the day and Crowne Point and surrounding cities by night…even my Tuesday, Friday and Saturday movie nights (and my random cocktails nights in between! :)…if I don’t check myself I can even get a little teary eyed! Lol…Although Trinidad is ideal for my business and so many more opportunities even socially, the simplicity and serenity of Tobago makes one long for retirement or when I can afford to jet away to a vacation home on the beach…Ahhh…one can only dream!

So my lovelies…Love is beautiful…Hope your Valentine’s Day is special and each day thereafter twice as nice as you take time to appreciate the one you love…if you’re not in love…make that day special for your mom, dad, sister(s), brother(s), son(s), daughter(s), cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends or yourself! If that special person doesn’t know it yet, make today magic…you might even be in for a surprise…

I leave you with a quote from my first book - Thinking out Loud:

Chapter 3 - Love or Something Like It – Part II 

"Whether you’re in love, once in love, or want to find love it’s important to look within and find out if you’re capable of not only giving love but also receiving love, for it only takes a moment to fall, but a lifetime to forget that one true love… or the one that got away." 

Love, LOVE, LOVE….xo

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

When the Dust Settles

So I’ve discovered that working from home can be even more rigorous than working from the office! I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion based on my own blogging and writing pursuits, but I am now embracing the full effects of being an entrepreneur. There…now I’ve said it…without even realizing! The secret's out: I have decided to start my own business this year among many other things.

I have several projects pending – two of which are very personal and dear to my heart. One of which is the completion of my second book which should be due out hopefully  later this year….maybe by my birthday. The other projects  I will reveal to you in time.
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When the year began I thought about doing a schedule but because of some personal commitments I did not quite get that far. 

Now I am more settled and structured, I decided to devote 3-4 hours a day to my book and 3 hours on another important project I hope to launch by March. The rest of the time will be split among research, social media marketing, meetings/site visits etc. So now I’m off to a good start!

I have lots to do still and indeed I am enjoying every minute of it. It may seem that I have all the time in the world, but believe it or not, sometimes I feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to get done. I’m a perfectionist and overachiever and most times I go to bed in the wee hours of the morning…My friends often scream when I send them my blogs at 3am interrupting their sleep…But luckily there would be less early morning emails for a while as I decided to cut back and get some sleep in by at least midnight. 

I haven’t even resumed the gym and walking since my most recent hiatus to the sister isle. I guess I am still recovering and adapting to this lifestyle. I’m still processing all of the advice and information I’ve gathered and assimilating it all into my existing material. As I tweak, research and brainstorm, I am mentally preparing myself for what lies ahead.

Indeed it takes discipline, patience, fortitude and courage. It requires long hours, less sleep and large doses of inspiration for the kind of creative work I’m into. I need to be my own personal cheerleader when I hit a stumbling block or disappointment (luckily I haven’t faced that yet!). And I need to resist all the distractions like sleep (esp. on a rainy day like today), food/cooking, IM and social media overload…Sometimes there are so many things to do -- which in itself is a distraction as you try to prioritize which ones to do first.

I’ve also realized that waiting is sometimes the hardest part. However you can use this time to better prepare for what lies ahead. There’s no such thing as too much preparation however TOO much can also prove to be a nerve racking experience as you begin to have doubts like “what am I doing…can I really pull this off?!” But when I do complete a speaking engagement especially, it’s like an adrenaline rush to see the results and get the reviews and I can’t imagine life without it.

I was discussing with my mom earlier that…who knows where December will find me…I hope to be in a totally different place professionally, spiritually and emotionally….maybe even physically…the sky is the limit. My wish is that all of my planning and dreaming would have paid off and I can reap the rewards and fruits of my labour.

What do you hope to accomplish by year’s end? ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!

Continue to DREAM your BIG DREAMS because you never know where it can take you. You might just end up amongst the stars…

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy February!

So we're one month into the new year oh my!

What can we say we have done to position ourselves to invest in the future of our dreams? So okay, you are not exactly where you thought February would find you...don't worry...consider January to be like a test drive for a new car. You have an opportunity to try it out first and make sure it runs just the way you like before you invest in the real thing. 
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Many of us may want a particular make and model of a vehicle, but for some reason we are hesitant to make that final investment. The commitment, the sacrifice, the sweat, the tears. But if we want the luxury and convenience, it's all worth it in the end. 

No taxis, buses or trains, no standing in lines or waiting on anyone, no running late for work and can just pick up and touch your starter any time you like with no pre-meditated planning and thought. Ahhh! Yay! The freedom and independence of owning your own vehicle...Wow!

So it is with our life. We must plan and take charge. We must sacrifice and commit to a plan so as to enjoy a certain lifestyle with rewards. Yes we want to fulfil our purpose and help others, but we also want to live comfortably and securely. So whether it's landing that job of our dreams, starting our own business or acquiring those new contracts we must have a plan of action and stick to it. Lofty are our goals but steadfast are our intentions that wins the race. 

I must admit that I often make snap judgements before thinking it all through, but I pray and seek God first so as to find the answers to life's many enigmas. I am a work in progress...far from perfect...human like anyone else. I make mistakes, I have transgressions and I take steps to improve, renew and evolve with every stride. With the help, advice and encouragement from my family and friends, I know I will make it and succeed with my goals and intentions. Worse case scenario: it doesn't work out exactly as planned, I know I have a back up plan and God is great and works miracles in my life without fail to see me through to the next phase.

As I sit here nearing the midnight hour typing this message and using this platform as my catharsis, I am thankful since I do not have to pause or think too hard about what to say to you tonight. As always, the words are flowing and the keys are in constant motion. It is purely my inspiration escape. I had this conversation several times with many people over the years and more recently with a friend of mine in Tobago. I always have time to do what I love. It doesn't take long and it's a joy to fulfil my passion with almost effortless ease. 

I am amazed and humbled by God's work in my life. I am thankful for my gifts and I will use it to the highest good to fulfil His deeper purpose for my life. I have been getting great reviews over the past few weeks in particular about my blogs and I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to comment. Please keep them coming!

As I am back home, I am thankful for the past week and all it brought my way...the people, the situations, the revelations. I am glad to be home again and grateful for family and friends. I feel blessed to be able to be living my dream at last. I take this time to pause and silently release my intentions for February and the rest of the year unto the Lord and ask for strength, foresight, patience and wisdom. 

I also pray for each of you reading these words that your are able to visual and mobilize your intentions for the year. This is your year that your dreams take shape and come true. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way...This is the year that you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE YET!