Friday, January 16, 2015

Joy Cometh in the Morning

I just realized that I dawdled so much that I only have half an hour to blog tonight. I will try to make it quick before the midnight hour and my blog date changes to Saturday.

Tonight my Mom, sister and I had some barbadine and soursop ice-cream to commemorate my Dad. For the non-natives, these are tropical fruits found in the's sweet and fleshy and can be juiced to make punches or ice-cream by removing the seeds and adding sugar and milk. 

I so desperately wanted to get it for him before he passed, but I kept procrastinating. I kept making promises but I was just too busy hustling from one thing to the next that I had forgotten to make time to do this. Every now and then this memory gnawed away at my mind for a while...But am I sad? No. But I should be. I have dealt with least for now.

How many of us beat ourselves up for something we did or didn't do only to realize that everything is as it should be. We can't change what's past but we can do things differently going forward. 

We can acknowledge the other good things that happened and be grateful. I feel good that I made up for this in so many other ways. 

For example I took him for ice-cream for his birthday last year and watched the sail boats on the ocean with him and my Mom. He especially loved my fish broth and chicken soup I made for him when he was sick. I remember his smile and look of approval. I remember it now and it brings a smile to my face. 

I was just showing my Mom some pictures we took in Christmases and Ole Year's gone by and him opening his Christmas gifts in 2013 and she began to smile. My promise is to print a few more keepsakes so we would always remember the good times.

So today Friday is vastly different from Monday. I cry no more for a new day is here and I know my joy has come. Tonight we have some ice-cream for you Dad and remember the good times.