Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nice Like Sugar & Spice: Just What The Doctor Ordered!

Hello my loves....

I am back home after 3 days of bliss. Grenada me love yuh bad! This is my mini blog, as I am still surviving on 4 hours of sleep. I reconnected with old friends, made new ones and just had a ball of time. 

It was a personal trip to my friends' wedding which was so beautiful and emotional, but in the process I learnt a lot, changed my perspective and renewed my spirit with a ton load of new experiences. 
photo credit - C. John 2014 © All rights reserved 
Grand-Mal Beach Grenada

Though not my first visit to the spice isle, I was met with open arms and so much hospitality from those I hardly knew. 

Thanks to Curlyn and her friends George and Merlin who opened their home to me and welcomed me with open arms after the mix up with my hotel...I will never forget it! 

I believe in destiny and being in the right place at the right time. We were meant to cross paths at this particular moment although we may not know the reason why right now. Many thanks for your encouragement and faith in me!!

To Elle the beautiful, talented (and young) angel: continue the good work and I hope to read your book in 2 years when you graduate!! You made my night when I learnt that your friend's mom ordered my book Thinking out Loud on Amazon! What are the odds of me meeting you to find that out! That means my message is reaching persons far and wide...(If you have bought the book and are reading this, please send me a note and post a review on Amazon!). Even if I only impacted one person, it would have been well worth the effort as I have learnt so much in the process. 

Thanks to my old friend Anthony for coming to my rescue on Friday! Man I appreciate ALL of this outpouring of kindness sooo much like you won't believe. It means that I must be doing SOMEthing right to have the stars aligned in my favour! Let the good times roll :D

This morning I stood on the porch at 4 am just listening to the sounds of the waves crash and released my intentions with ardent faith that it will be fulfilled when the time is right. I felt tied to the island somehow and tried to remember my mother growing up here a lifetime ago. Technology sure is amazing and it's good to know that I'm just a hop, jump and skip away from friends and that the world is waiting for me to explore...As George would say: "Peace, Love & Happiness!!" 

Until next time xoxo

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