Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sheer Delight at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary!

A few hours ago my journeys led me to the Mangrove Forest and Bird Sanctuary located in Caroni Trinidad...THE largest Mangrove Forest and second largest wetland in Trinidad and was 4 hours of such sweet bliss and serenity. I felt at one with nature while the sun set and a peace washed over me as I returned to my centre. I was also grateful to see many flora and fauna including the mangrove with its multitude of benefits to the environment and mankind. Also reptiles, crabs, the Great Egret, Blue Heron and our national bird--the Scarlet Ibis! The only other country the latter is seen besides Trinidad is Venezuela. I was lucky to capture these beauties with my zoom lens Canon T3 Rebel! It was sheer delight! We even learnt how the Scarlet Ibis got its colour from our tour guide Mr. Maraj who has been doing this for over 35 years...and we could see why...he loves his job! But don't trust me...come visit and see for you too can be fascinated by our twin-island's beauty! Peace & ♥ xo

Here's the proof in the pudding...

Oysters embedded on the salt filtering roots of the Red Mangrove

Boa Constrictor asleep


Glorious Scarlet Ibis!

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