Saturday, March 29, 2014

Workshop Success!!

BIG THANKS to all those that came out and supported me at my pilot launch of my workshop today...some all the way from Tobago!

I love you all...would dance at your wedding or baby
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I did it! YaY :-)

Me being overly self-critical...I think there's always room for improvement but here's the feedback received...

Post launch saw me reviewing the evaluation results over margaritas and the survey is in:

What they said:
  • Persons agreed that the content was great: useful and applicable to their life
  • Activities caused reflection and revelations
  • Facilitator appeared knowledgeable and delivery was effective save for minor tweaks...practise makes perfect
  • 97% of participants valued my time and content on the mid to upper end of the scale

Here are a few remarks of some of the participants:

  • "For a pilot it was very informative....Good first session. Continue the journey. You have got the necessary drive and information required to host workshops."

  • "I have attended many workshops of this nature and I was really impressed with this facilitator. She did a lot of research and the content was very informative."

  • "Big things are coming your way...very good pilot...keep at it and greatness will be your reward. Well done."

  • "Engaging, interactive, self-explanatory and warm."

  • "The invitation was much appreciated. Thanks for reminding me that all is not lost and sometimes there are lots to be thankful for."

I thought I could actually exhale now...but the work continues!

More proposals to draft...more edits....more budgeting and packaging of my product...

But I must take a's a long weekend in these parts...will be taking a much needed time-out...

But stay and video coming sooon!!


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