Friday, March 14, 2014

Change Soon Come...Nothing Before It's Time!

I once asked God for change and he gave me a new job and sent me to Tobago. It was long in coming but not a moment too soon. I now understand what He was preparing me for...I was ready for it when it came. 

It was a wonderful and refreshing change where I had an opportunity to live my passion and meet many beautiful people with whom I shared fond memories. Being in this happy place in my life - living and working in paradise re-awakened a hunger deep inside of me to give and contribute more to the world. It has led me to this moment. 

And as I stand here about to embark on a brand new journey of my life I thank God for all He has done...for providing the inspiration and placing all of the right people in my life. Some of them will stay and others may part ways but I am thankful for each moment in time. Some questions will remain a mystery but such is life. 

I am very anxious and nervous that my dream is now almost within reach. But I can't wait for what's in store...Please join me as it all unfolds in living colour and feel free to share your own story...

Peace &  
Carolyn xoxoxox

photo credit - C. K. Correia - Blue Waters Inn, Speyside Tobago

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