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Don't Listen to the Naysayers....Live your Life in COLOUR!!

I usually post my end of year review on ole year's (as we say in trini-land)...otherwise known as New Year's Eve. So this is my pre-year-in-review blog post...Thought I needed to clear my head for a much needed catharsis before the final countdown.

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As I am about to embark on my new journey, I've been sharing my news with others...I must say the vast majority of persons are really happy for me....ecstatic even....that was a pleasant surprise. However only one person who is rather close to me has scoffed at my decision...This has left me with quite a few emotions:

After the emotions subsided somewhat...I asked myself why can't this person ever support my dream(s)? Of course this was expected. Recently one of my former work colleagues loaned me a book entitled: "The Dream Giver" by Bruce Wilkinson. It's about the journey of an "ordinary" folk outside his comfort zone to achieve his Big Dream. The author warned about "border line bullies" and the like...people who would come along to throw sand in your dreams with all the reasons why you shouldn't leave them in the land of ordinary and go into the unknown doomed for failure. 

What they don't know is that though you may in fact encounter the wilderness, as the author likened this to Moses' journey in the bible, you also come face to face with the Dream Giver in the sanctuary. And if you trust the Dream Giver (God) He will guide you through the darkest, most bleakest wilderness into the promised land and empower you to conquer all your demons, warriors and obstacles, leading you not only to your Big dream, but He will help you unlock your full potential to Bigger and Bigger opportunities for the greater good of mankind. Sounds dramatic...but it's soo true as I have witnessed it in my life before.

The author cautioned the reader to beware of "border line bullies" who may come in the form of friends or family members, those in authority or anyone who has the potential to squash and tear your dream into tiny pieces. To make you feel unworthy and crazy for leaving the land of familiar to pursue your dream. He said to take from it what you can and use it constructively to push even harder. Wilkinson also said that sometimes persons may feel angry that you are leaving them in "familiar" among other things.

This book changed my life. Although I had already made my decision before reading, the messages cemented my resolve and connected the dots to see the bigger has prepared me somewhat for what is ahead and gave me inspiration to continue.

What has this experience with my "border line bully" taught me?

It has provided the impetus to push even harder to become all the things that they say I can't prove them wrong and succeed. I believe I am well positioned at this stage of my life to give it a go...I've been putting it off for years and it's time to take the bull by its horns and devote all my time and energy into something more meaningful and purposeful...something that can help others and also assist me in becoming a better person...

I expect many more of these people to surface, but I will not be swayed...I will not give up and I will not give into their demands. To each his own...I know that only few people walk this walk...only the truly brave and courageous amongst us, who are bent on living their life in their purpose...influencing lives and being a change-agent and not letting life change and scar them...I plan on becoming one of those persons.

Each one of us was born for a purpose, few of us find it...some find it and don't have the guts and fortitude to pursue it due to commitments or fear...Even if things don't work out exactly the way you expected, at least you would have satisfied yourself and created a name and brand for yourself...caused a shift in at least one person's modus operandi...and left your mark on the world for the better...

That is my definition of success and when I leave this earth...I know my life would have had meaning.

Do you have a passion or special talent? A burning desire, dream or mission in life? Are you actively pursuing it? If not, what's preventing you from pursuing it? Have you already pursued it? Please do share and comment...since I along with many readers of this blog may want to hear and learn from your journey...

Life is short. Don't live your days conforming to the status quo and playing it safe, doing what everyone wants you to do...Don't make yourself miserable by going through the motions of a regimented routine...

When it is even remotely possible...

Peace & Love,

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