Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You 2013!

As I begin to pen my reflections, the clock just struck midnight on ole year's morning and I am 
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curled up under my covers with my wonderful kwan loong oil :) The once lingering tiredness escapes me right now and my mind wanders...

What can I say about 2013 that I haven't already said in the last few days...

It was a good year. Many firsts for me...first time living on my own for so long in a different land, facing fears, stepping outside of my comfort zone and finding the inner strength to do all the things the minority said I couldn't and much more...But this blog is about you and not me. Around this time of year, this is my ritual: to share my lessons. 

Here are some things I learnt in 2013...

Cherish the ones you Love

Time is short...it goes by in the wink of an eye...you will be amazed how many things can happen in the space of 12 months! A very special friend of mine told me a long time ago to cherish the time I have with my parents because they won't be around forever. Indeed this is good advice so I'm passing it onto you...whether you are married or single, young or old, live in the same country or not: make the most of the time you have with your loved ones especially parents. Life is unpredictable and uncertain, old is age is non-discriminatory...Some of us shine in our twilight years with all our sensibilities and the vigours of youth...some are not that lucky. All I can say is that you never know what life has in store for any one of us....you can be good one day and then totally transform or regress into a totally different person the next. It's a sad reality but when it happens, you have to find the strength to cope with what comes your way and the hand that you are dealt with. So show and tell them that you love them, kiss and hug them, talk and reminisce with them and value their presence in your life before it is too late.

Exercise, eat healthy, stay away from stress and negativity 

Over the past year and more recently the last month and week I realized how important this is. Whenever you can: get moving, stay away from junk and rid yourself from toxic people and situations or find a way to keep your distance. I've been involved in some form of exercise for the past 13 years...not as passionately as I wanted to, but yes I stayed committed. This year was the only year I haven't been exercising consistently due to my location. I think it's because of my past regimen that kept me afloat and I didn't turn into a weak marshmallow. Staying fit is an important part of keeping your mind and body healthy. It takes fortitude, mental strength and sacrifice. The same goes for negative people. To keep sane, it is important to find a way to keep them at bay if different ideologies or mentalities prevent you from getting along for longer than 5 minutes.

It is important to believe in something otherwise you would stand for nothing. I can't tell people what or who to believe in, but the mere fact that you have life in your body and all the blessings manifested in your life is not by luck or chance nor your own doing. God reigns supreme in my life and He comes through for me time and time again even when I think I wasn't deserving. He forgives, He forgets, He warns, He protects, He provides, He inspires and guides, He caters to your every need and He would never let you down if only you let Him direct your life. Pray earnestly and consistently, forget your own intuition and advice of others, believe and trust with your whole heart and allow Him to work miracles in your life.

This is a short list this year, but it captures the essence of the matter. Hope everyone had a great holiday...I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas season and I'm still enjoying it till January 6th 2014! Overall I must say that 2013 has been a good experience...I was at a friend's house last night and was telling them that I feel really blessed to have connected with so many cool people over the past few years..she said to me that it's good that I was also receptive to those connections. My friend is right: It is very important to stay open to people and opportunities God places in your life...everything happens for a reason...Stay OPEN! Don't shun or close the door on someone or something, because you never know how great it can turn out to be. I thank God for giving me supportive parents and placing all of these special people in my life who believe in me and my dreams and volunteer their advice and support. 

Good things are in store once you believe. I believe and I earnestly wish each of you a Blessed and Bountiful New Year 2014 with all your dreams coming true. I wish you all the good things you wish for yourself...good health, long life, family, good friends, happiness, peace, love, fulfilment...abundance. May your cup overflow and may God shine His face upon you with unending blessings. 

Don't hold back on your dreams, longings and aspirations: feed your dreams with all the necessary ingredients like dedication and sacrifice and you will succeed. I do not make resolutions anymore but however work towards monthly and daily goals for myself. At the start of the year you can note them, but remind yourself constantly with "loud" reminders on your fridge, computer, phone or real life people who serve as cheerleaders in your life.

As the sun sets on this last day of December 31st 2013, I urge you to reflect on the past year, thank God for all that He has done for you and your loved ones: the good, bad, ugly, indifferent. Find the lessons, tuck the memories away in the recesses of your mind where you can refer to it as often as you like, but don't dwell...Let the past transform your present so that your future can be an awesomely favour-filled experience!!

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Peace & Love,

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