Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Give a Gift of Love this Christmas

Christmas is finally here...We made it to the BIG day! Rejoice for a King is born! Give thanks for life! Can you believe that after months of planning and anticipation, in only a few more hours and it will be over for some of us on the western's already over is some parts of the world. 

I do hope that yours was special and was spent in the company of loved ones. At the end of it all when the last present was unwrapped, lights out and ham and grog depleted...we ought to remember that this celebration would not be even possible without Him. The birth of a Saviour who was sent for our salvation so that we may enjoy this day and many more Christmases to come. 

So keep the Christ in your Christmas...give a gift of love, say a prayer for those who need it the the less fortunate or those who may have lost loved ones or may be spending this day alone. Make it merry and always remember the reason for the season. 

Oh and continue to dream your BIG dreams and believe that miracles do happen. If there's something you are wishing for and need in your life right now...have faith, put your trust in Him and believe in your heart that your innermost desires will come true. Think it in your head, believe it in your heart and watch it unfold. Faith can move mountains. 

Many blessings to you and yours this day and alwayz...

Peace &  Carolyn xo

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