Saturday, December 10, 2011

That's how we celebrate!!!

Hello world!

Lots of things have been happening this week. Here's how it went...On Monday I went to the venue of the book launch to look at the space with the decorator and went pretty well. On Tuesday, RIK Bookstore agreed to carry my book in their 8 bookstore locations! YAY for me!! I was thrilled...I had to announce it to some of my colleagues at work during lunch:) They also want to arrange some radio and newspaper interviews. I said no to television for now since I have to get over that fear of live broadcasting:( I did my research and listened to the hosts on radio and I think I overcame my fear of that. I have always been afraid of "dead air but everyone tells me I have a "radio voice" and a good public speaker so I can't let my broadcasting course go to waste! I will go brave!! :-)

One of the ladies at work came up to me and told me that she happened to catch a glimpse of my book from someone else and it really touched her...she went into detail about how it is written and the dedication to my parents and one of my sisters really made her emotional. She thought about her own children and would like to have them say nice things about her one day. That was the nicest thing anyone ever said about my writing, it really gave me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment since that was my intention for writing the book in the first place. It made my day.

On Wednesday, my friend bbm'd me to say that he has to go away on business and can't do the photography for me anymore...I was really disappointed since we both were excited and looking forward to this venture but what can I say...there'll be more times. I also dropped off my books at the bookstore on Wednesday. 

Thursday was quiet. I went to our Annual Legion of Mary dinner at the Yatch Club with my Mom and it was fabulous. The food was great and we played games afterwards. It was amazing to see the staff and owners of the Club watching and listening to us attentively as we played:)

Friday I went to a book launch at the library down town. It inspired to make my launch into a fabulous event! The book sales are going great and everyday I'm getting sales hopefully my online sales will pick up soon...with the support from you my online readers!!

Today I went down town shopping for the decor for the launch...and all within budget too! Thanks Sherry you're the best:) Thanks to Bev for lending me her're the greatest! I also booked my hair and makeup and booked a new photographer. Thank you Lord...things are going well!! Can't wait...

Next Monday or Tuesday I would be going to get the wine and other refreshments and also the festive paper plates, napkins and cutlery. Thursday my Mom is baking the fruitcake and Dad will be making the punche de creme. For my international readers ...this is a drink make with milk (condensed and evaporated), eggs, rum and Angostura word - D-E-L-i-c-i-o-u-s!!! MmmmMM Good. Of course the fruitcake goes without saying. The fruits have been soaking in brandy since October. Does seem that we enjoy the spirits but that's all part of a trini Christmas...don't be alarmed...That's how we celebrate!!  
ps. There will also be non-alcoholic drinks available like sorrel and peardrax....might even throw in a non-alcoholic bottle of vino for the non drinkers.

Thanks for following my journey and please pick up your copy of my book THINKING OUT LOUD at a RIK location near you locally or online at 
Thanks for your support!!!

Til next time...stay tuned for details leading up to the launch next week Saturday!!!!!

The falls at West Mall

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