Sunday, December 4, 2011

Parang the wrong house!

Well I can't report on any parang today because I overslept during the bad weather we've been having:S but there's always next week. [For my international readers parang is very catchy Spanish Christmas songs...check out my earlier posts for videos.] I'm looking forward to my annual church Christmas dinner this week at the Yatch Club....hopefully there'll be some parang there. Didn't even make it to the bookstore either because under my covers there was only room for thoughts of Zzzz and more zZZ. This weekend was quite restful and productive indeed. Just what I needed to clear my mind and refuel after a week fraught with exhaustion and ups and downs...(with the exception of a midweek escape from reality where I got my fill of sushi and margaritas for a friend's birthday:) 

Friday night was a nice night out on the town as well after we got the days mixed up for someone else's book launch:S [this after sitting through traffic for about 20 minutes to get downtown!!!] By that time we were famished so after driving around looking for a place to have dinner, finally ended up at Trader Jack's in Movietown which did not disappoint. It exceeded our expectations. I satisfied the craving I was having all week with an [insanely Huge] Jack's shark and bake complete with ALL the sauces!!...yum:) This was followed by some Haagen Dazs:) and flan [don't ask]!! Next week it's back to my diet!! Both Friday and Saturday I got inspired to continue my novel that I started over 10 years ago. If ONLY I had all the time in the world:(

On another note, my guests have all rsvp'd to My Book Launch with the exception of one or I have to start planning. Going to visit the venue tomorrow with the decorator and photographer. Then it's time to shop for decorations!! I spoke to the caterer today about a couple items that I need help with and the Christmas menu is also shaping up nicely with lots of festive things to partake of but don't take my word for is the menu:

Mini pastelles [veggie and chicken]
Assorted cheeses and fruit

Wine (white and red)
Punch de creme

The only thing missing now is ME & my book! :) 

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Have a great week folks:) It's December... Joyeux Noël!! One of the most beautiful times of the year:-)

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