Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2+ more days to Book Launch!!!

Things have been coming along nicely...been trying to secure some reviews and promotions in the press...3 newspapers down, 1 more to go. Can't wait to send the photos of the launch next week! Haven't had time for the radio interviews...still on the fence about that...what do you think? Oh! and a magazine...forgot about that!

I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow to set up the venue etc...what a beautiful sight it's gonna be when we're through with the decorating. The excitement is building. Been sweating hard at the gym trying to look photo ready then one of the trainers broke the news to me that I can't lose weight in 5 days! His exact words were: "if you lose weight in a week then U need to train me!" lol. This after I picked up the pace (the fastest I ever went) and on incline too! Skipped the weights and just did cardio and abs but needless to say I was burnt out by the 3rd word! Today I skipped the usual Wednesday grocery shopping and swung by to pick up my mom and take a much needed time-out. Then we got an early start on the Christmas grocery list. Night time shopping is cool. The supermarket was P-a-c-k-ed!! I guess a lot of people had the same idea. Even ran into a long time school mate. AND I also picked up some stuff for my launch. Here's what my list comprised of:

Trapiche (white wine)
Arbor Mist (merlot)
Non-alcoholic wine
Royal Oak rum, milk, eggs for punche de creme
Angostura bitters
Seedless grapes
Assorted cheeses

Did I forget anything? Hmmm....festive paper plates and cutlery will be sourced at Price Mart tomorrow! 

Can't wait...can you??

2+days -----The count down is on...

Friday is our staff you know I will be doing selective eating!
Thursday -----> Set up....more book deliveries...then gym.

Stay tuned for my checklist tomorrow:)
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Good nite world:)

Long Circular Mall

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