Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making my list and checking it twice!!

Today we decorated the venue for the launch...I must say it went great! Sherry and Beverly are the bestest:) See for yourself....this is the balcony.

Isn't Sherry talented?!
I feel more at ease that everything is falling into place. Now just for some finishing touches...then I'm set!

Decor - check!
Catering - check!
Refreshments - check!
Photography - check!
Confirmed guests - check! 
Prepared speech - check! (or maybe I'll wing it)
Books - check!
Hair and makeup - check, check, check!

Just a little delay with the baking and so but we can remedy that tomorrow as the fruit cake, punche de creme will be made and the plates to be got!

Good nite...:)

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