Monday, October 24, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Do we ever wonder what the people around us really think of us? I was asked this once on a job interview - to which I responded to break the ice: "it depends on who you ask" [probably not the best answer in hindsight! lol]. I didn't think much of this question until today (ladies washrooms are an amazing meeting ground!). Our family are one thing...they are supposed to love us unconditionally no matter what and put up with all of our crap even those moments we are not proud of. Our friends last for seasons - the truly faithful that stand the test of time also love the good, bad and ugly qualities about us...or do they? Do they tolerate us or do they really accept and appreciate all parts of our personality? And if we're committed to another, we have to find a common ground where both partners are able to learn to live with and accept each other's flaws/quirks and compromise, otherwise problems are inevitable. What at first maybe easily overlooked, may not be the reality in the long term. It's not an easy task for all involved.

Then there are our co-workers and colleagues. Some we get along with and some we probably just stay out of their way for peace sake. Because the truth is: no matter how hard you try, some people would not like the best bone in your body even if you gave it your all. And the ones that feign pleasantries, are probably the ones you need to be most wary of, because you never know where you stand unless something happens for you to realize this. Others due to differences in opinion or fallouts at one time or another, prefer not to "get into your space" for reasons of their own. I heard this at church this weekend and I think it struck a chord with a lot of people in the congregation. The question was: what would you do if you and your neighbour did not get along? Would you cross the road and shake hands? Or would you prevent a likely trip to the dentist's office and just sit quietly and pray about a resolution to the situation? In the world in which we now live, it's possible that we would most likely opt for the latter.

On another note, I think a lot of times pride gets in the way. Sometimes we want to be the bigger person and shake hands, but something deep inside...that human condition that we are all susceptible to, prevents us from making that step. Would the other person ignore us? Worse yet - insult us or not even look our way? Can we really put aside our hurt and anger long enough to call the whole impasse off? Or do we avoid that step because in our head it just does not make sense? Would the other person just keep on making the same gross mistakes again and again if we called a truce and gave them another chance? Decisions...decisions. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and all of the choices you make. Sometimes it's best to just make peace with yourself, leave well enough alone and place it in the hands of the Almighty. As they say, "time is longer than twine" and most times situations resolve themselves on their own or the Lord places a [similiar] situation in your life so that you are forced to deal with your emotions and if necessary heal that which needs to be healed.

Indeed people are complex beings and one way to understand them is to embrace those qualities in yourself that remind you of them - sounds strange but we all are the same underneath it all. Then maybe "somewhere over the rainbow" we would be set free from the confines of our frailties/weaknesses.

As we inch closer and closer to that special and sacred time of year...let us find meaning in our daily existences and make it count! ©

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