Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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It's official - Christmas is in the air! I went to Movietowne tonight to the European Film Festival and I can definitely feel a little something extra in the air. West Mall is also beautifully decorated. What a wonderous sight! Today being Divali, on the drive home, I also saw some lit deyas and it was equally appealing to the eye. Tis' the season for giving and sharing and this time of year, everything seems so magical and bright. I know you must not get sucked into the commercial aspect but it really adds to the feeling of joy and laughter. The Christmas music also plays a part to make everyone feel like humming a happy tune. Let's not get caught up and remember the reason for the celebration. Why not share our blessings and do something selfless for a good cause? This can make the world of difference for someone not as fortunate as us and it will surely make us feel better too. It does not have to be something monetary but it could be our time or talent. Whatever it is, give with a free heart and it all comes back to you in one form or another. You might even find yourself pleasantly surprised  one day, when suddenly everything in your life falls effortlessly into place. This Christmas I pray for life, health, strength, peace, joy, love  and wonderful people to share it with. I wish the same for each and everyone of you! Hope the season is shaping up nicely for you! Make it special, make it unique AND Make it count!


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