Friday, February 25, 2011

Did you give thanks for today?

I think it's high time for a new post. Lots of things have been happening to keep me away from my blog. One of which was a very brutal flu virus that had some serious lasting effects. But finally I can say I am free. And we all know that feeling all too well when we recover from the flu or any illness for that matter: you feel like your body is yours again and you can almost conquer the world. Well it's been so long in coming, I'm not really sure about the conquering the world part but you don't take good health for granted anymore. I have to admit that I have built up a pretty strong immune system over the past few years so I was taken aback by this flu. Long ago I use to catch every thing passing in the air but gone are those days (knock on wood).

Anyhew.....Carnival is in the air around here and I am not really feeling it. This is the one year that I feel kinda left out but I refuse to give away hard earned mula to say I partied hard. Spend half a gran and more for all you can eat food and drinks....just how much can I eat anyway? Well not to sound completely unpatriotic but I was planning to go to one good all-inclusive fete but I couldn't - even if my ticket source had come thru for me, because I coughed all night that night. To tell the honest truth I was never all that into the fete scene in previous years, then again I was always busy studying or doing something else and now I am free at last to enjoy it and I feel I should be and why not? We are in the heights of the season and you can't ignore it. Perhaps it's not too late. But que sera, sera. If I don't, it won't be the end of the world....there's always next year.

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On another note, sometimes when you really want something and then you finally get it, you wonder if this is it. Have you ever had that feeling? As I always say to myself you have to make the most of what is given to you. Something may look all glamourous on the outside until you sink your teeth into it and live it day in and day out. Everything is not as it's cracked up to be. 

When I look at my life from the looks pretty cool and comfortable. And I need to do that more. Learn to appreciate it as an outsider. You have to live life each day as if it's the best day on the planet. Marvel in it. Give thanks for it. Sing, dance and LIVE it. For it all can be taken away in a flash and there are several others that perhaps wish they had a piece of it. If you don't like something about your life, you have the power to change it and if you want something bad enough- you can have it. 

One of my co-workers sparked a light in me today and I realized that maybe I don't have all the answers. There's something to be learnt each and every day from everyone you meet. He said to me, if you want something bad enough you need to pray steadfastly and live each day as if your desire has been granted. Live as if you can see, touch and grasp what you want in your hands. Believe that you have gotten or will get your wish. 

Believe in God and it will happen. And for those of you that are thinking you have to be deeply religious to think and live this way...newsflash you don't. Just spiritual. My friend is actually a bit of a rebel and yet he seems to have it together in terms of his deeper goals, commitment to succeed and ultimate happiness. My sister also told me something similar last night and it's because of this I believe miracles can happen and there is much hope in all that we do.

Time for thinking you cannot should cease. All is possible with the power of prayer and faith. Faith can indeed move mountains. I will never forget this poster that my other sibling bought maybe in the 1980s and it still hangs on her old bedroom wall. The mind, words (spoken and unspoken) and thought has infinite power. Never forget it.

May God bless you and may all your dreams come to fruition. ©


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