Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breathtaking View

I started a most unorthodox post a few nights ago…but had to retract it because it just wasn’t representative of this blog Moment to Moment. Last week I was griping about a lot of things, which I have since resolved. Sometimes you just have to step back and change your perspective in order to appreciate life for all that it is and that’s just what I did. In my case, it took a trip to the gym to clear my head, toughen up and change my perspective. Cos let’s face it; some things are just out of your control. If we could help it, I’m sure most of us would rather be working from home and would trade in our work suits and overalls in a heartbeat for swimsuits on an exotic island sipping pina coladas and going to the spa. Ahh! If only life was that simple! But seriously, I was talking to a co-worker today and he happened to mention his real passion and all I could hear was the things that were keeping him from living his dream. And without prying, I tried to tell him that he shouldn’t let anything hold him back, but people I suppose need to do things on their own volition and in their own time. I have been taking steps gradually over the past 2 years to start living my passion and it’s happening slowly but steadily. This blog is a growing passion of mine, which is really exciting when I think about it. Thanks to my many international readers I am able to reach a global audience, which means my message is getting out there and that makes me super happy. I take this opportunity to encourage you to leave your comments so I know what you’re thinking. I would love to hear from and learn more about my European and North American neighbours!

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Life is great folks. A wonderful blessing to behold. The routine may get a bit tiresome at times but when the bigger picture is viewed from a distance…the sight is like the scenery at night from a hilltop…. absolutely breathtaking with all of the individual lights that shine and sparkle for the world to see. You’ve only got one life to live, so live it up the best you can, cos you never know what may come your way. Fill it with the things that matter the most: people you love, pastimes you enjoy and passions that enrich lives and allow your talents to shine through. Do you feel it? It’s coming….....the moment you’ve been waiting for…..........ultimate fulfillment of all your desires…..............your life is now!!!

Hope you’re enjoying your view from whatever corner of the world you’re at or time zone you’re in! ©


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