Monday, February 28, 2011

Have you found "the one?"

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With V-Day come and gone it’s sort of ill-timed to post this mushy stuff but since I’ve been reading  about it everywhere lately and everyone is writing and blogging about this thing called love, I thought I would add my two cents. Some people tell me I need to be more daring with my posts so here I am. At the moment,  I am actually listening to one of my friends on the radio who is playing lots of lovey dovey mushy sentimental songs and right now I am hearing Fleetwood Mac and dare I say more…. “thunder only happens when it’s raining and players only love you when they’re playing…” This is just too much…. now here comes – Foreigner, followed by the Backstreet boys and 98 degrees and one recalls the days of that famous reality show of the days when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were happily married. I said I would never blog about such things but really can couples really stand the test of time? Do people still stay together? And if they do remain together is everything really honkey dorey or just a pretence? Too much! I ask myself why the torture of listening to such music but it is indeed soothing. I was reading an article today which brought to mind a lot of familiar and somewhat shared feelings. An argument I had recently with a family member (whose name I will withhold) also brings to mind such raw but potent feelings of past loves gone wrong. Although I am over them all, one in particular seems not to want to go away and remain buried in the past. I am glad that I am in a place where I am proud to say there is no temptation whatsoever. Yet I wonder of the motives of the character in question. It is sort of an ego boost to some extent - that someone keeps coming around despite the constant insults that you hurl their way and the total disregard of their advances or actions. But what can I say such is life. Never miss the water till the well runs dry - figuratively speaking of course.

As we all look back at our past romances and relationships even if it’s in the fleeting moments of solitude as it crosses our mind while we are distracted by something else - do we ever reflect and wonder why things had to turn out the way it did? If the one that got away was actually our one true love and we missed the boat because both parties were not willing to work harder for it to work out? Do you ever think that the person you are with now is just a scapegoat in lieu of the real thing? Maybe you and the one that got away both crossed paths at the wrong time and perhaps if it were a different scenario it could have worked out. This of course is a farce though I’m sure it crosses everyone’s mind from time to time but deep down better sense prevails. Everything is exactly as it should be. There should be no "what if’s." Two souls collide at the right time because that’s how love happens. It’s not something planned or etched out as in a fairy tale. It’s something that you must work at and if it’s really meant to be, it will in fact stand the test of time which no one or nothing can separate. If you have found that special someone, show your appreciation everyday and never take them for granted. Everything is not perfect and it is continuous work. So thank God everyday for that blessing since there are several others that are still searching.  And for those that have been unlucky in love you know what they say: "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." You've shared good times and the feelings you felt were indeed real for most and the memories are now a part of you. It's up to us how we use it - for good to be used constructively to help us in the future or for bad which can only serve to destroy us if we let the ill-feelings continue to grow and fester. The choice is ours. Our life is an amalgamation of experiences and it makes us stronger and more wholesome individuals for being brave enough to allow love in and experience all the moments that make up life. ©

And there endeth the radio show for tonight...till next time.

Blast from the past....Do you remember this one from the 80s???!!!!!

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