Saturday, June 6, 2015

You've Got Mail!

Just a quick note to report that I've received the sample copy of my new book! :-)

Words can't express how happy I was to tear open that box yesterday. I should have blogged last night, but I was soo tired after being out all day and then having a mini celebration with my friend Roxanne (will post pics later). 

So after a full day of reading the sample to ensure there are no last minute changes, once again I'm pooped! Sheer exhaustion...I fell asleep on my sofa bed in between reading my book and watching two documentaries on Malcolm X and Hitler on CNN! I had to fight the urge to continue sleeping.

I've reached Chapter 10 and I'm super excited. 

Tomorrow I have a meeting to discuss my workshop with my guest speaker.

The excitement continues.

Some last minute changes to my book launch, but I'm praying everything works out.

I'd just leave you with a couple shots of my new book (I like the sound of that) that I took in the car yesterday on the way to an appointment.


Peace & Love


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