Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Relax and Watch the Stars Align in Your Favour

Last night I submitted an article to be published in a language college textbook in Dallas, Texas (will reveal details later). I came home from a book launch tonight and checked my phone to see this message from the college professor:


This is absolutely perfect....from the beginning to the end and beyond...you even sent me your bio!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!

And to think I doubted whether it would be a good fit! It took me less than an hour to write and about 2 hours of self-doubt lol...Even published writers/authors have those moments. 

Tonight my fellow author colleague said in her speech: "We like to 'little' ourselves. Don't little yourself. Let your light SHINE!" Right on Akosua Dardaine Edwards ...Congrats...and may your light continue to shine BRIGHT. Looking forward to many more books/lessons from this author.

I admit I was having a pretty rotten day...one of those off-days you know? Which we all have from time to time. I did not even make it to the gym and I had to will myself to leave the house to attend the book launch. I overcame that negative spirit in the end and I'm glad I attended the launch. I looked in the mirror and told myself that I am stronger than that. More than that, I had to support my fellow author colleague. I put on my prettiest top and lipstick and made it out the door in the knick of time! 

The stars were all aligning in my favour as I met one of my friends who was now leaving work as I parked my car. We shared some stories, laughs and even selfies on the sidewalk in the cool evening air and she proved to really come through for me in ways that are over and beyond wonderful. I really have the best friends. 

I arrived just as the ceremony was beginning and afterwards met two of my former co-workers and a radio host who's show I may appear on. If you have faith, everything has a way of working out. I was meant to be there. To listen to the author and those nice things being said about her, gave me renewed faith. I saw her so emotional about her journey which almost brought me to tears. I am glad I was able to show my support.

Her book asked the question: Madam: Why are you here? She asked the audience this several times tonight. Why Am I Here? To LIVE MY BEST LIFE and SHARE the lessons along my journey with each of YOU.

Peace & Love

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