Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday!

Happy 80th Birthday papa. 

Today you would have been 80 years young. 

I remember your 79th like just yesterday and I kinda knew...

It's been months and I still see you in my dreams. 

In between states of consciousness, I still hear your voice...see your smile..hear your laugh and I know you are watching down on me with love and reassurance. 

I will never forget the sacrifices you made for us. 

You were my advisor and counsellor when I needed a listening ear...personal chef when I was too tired to driver when I was too tired to drive. 

I am sorry for all those times I was impatient with you....yet you loved me still. 

I would always remember your humility, patience and unending love. 

You have taught me lessons to last a lifetime. 

I will keep our memories together in a safe place as I return to them for comfort throughout my life. 

There will be NO ONE else like you. 

Thank you for encouraging me to write books. 

Thank you for teaching me to pray and have faith. 

Thank you for being you. 


I will LOVE you forever. 

May God grant you peace and lead you to the eternal life and light of His glorious kingdom. Till me meet again XOXO

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