Monday, January 5, 2015

What is Your Emotional Age?

So here I am again...getting quite used to this daily blogging thing!...I am posting today since I have a meeting this afternoon and won't return till tonight...I visited a potential client this morning and decided I would return home to work on my workshop content....then head out later on. Here's a quick one....I don't usually "buy in" to these sort of quizzes but I found it was so spot on (except for the number and the athleticism part)! Here's my results:

What is your emotional age? 

You are


At 17, you still have dreams. That applies for you too. In your heart you are very young and full of life. You have high expectations of life. You have the impression that you are standing just at the beginning of your personal life. There are lots of ideas for projects in your head and your heart. You love to travel. At night you will invite friends around from the environing houses or enjoy a relaxing time for you. You are full of vitality and athleticism. You have a very good memory and can remember even the details of things. You can't stand injustice. That's why you fight them where you come across them. Occasionally there is chaos in your feelings. In most cases, but you are happy and grateful for the great life you were gifted.


+2 more days for feedback from my book editor...:) Stay tuned to this space.

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