Sunday, January 4, 2015

More Umph Required!

I must trudge on despite wanting to call it a night. 

The holidays are over and I am still 'paranging' from house to house. I visited another friend today who I haven't seen since early December. Though we've spoken on the phone and Skype, nothing beats face to face contact.

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As we spoke about life, family and what we wished for 2015, I realized that we share similar sentiments. Everyone is going through so much and sometimes we don't know. We have both been burned and seen others close to us suffer emotionally. This affects the traditions we uphold and what we want for our life. 

I see in her a cynicism I once shared, however slightly dormant in me now. It made me rethink my stance on certain things like relationships and marriage and if I was more similar to my friend than I want to admit.

But I digress...that's a whole other blog or book....

Something else she said made me think. My friend said that I've come a long way in sharing through my writing and sometimes she wonders if it's really me when she reads my blogs. (I have her to thank for this). She says this is what being an inspirational/motivational writer is all about. 

She shared that I need to delve more into the "meat of the matters" in order to connect more deeply with my readers. I read part of the first chapter of my book for her and she said she needs more "umph" ! ha! And here I thought I umphed too much :( Perspective is a helluva thing! (On the other hand, she loved my poetry which was definitely umphed out to the max! One of my poems in particular she said told an entire story with so much intensity.)

I probed and probed about the book and she shared some ways I can give it that added personal touch. Both her and my editor share similar comments. I need to answer some questions that readers need to know. It's good getting opinions and taking from it what you may, without losing yourself in the process. After all I am not writing for myself. Sometimes I think what I want to convey is understood and in the process omit chunks of real meaty info. Then at times, I just don't feel comfortable sharing so much.

I told her maybe I should consider another profession! To this she said that I am a very good writer and speaker, however maybe I am not ready to share so much and should consider fiction. lol. One of my sisters have been telling me this for years, but I don't think I am creative enough for fiction. You gotta have the imagination of a this I don't.

We'll see where this leads. This Wednesday I will receive the first set of comments from my editor. I'm not sure if I should be filled with dread or delight! I know there are some things that need to be reworked. Some things I am willing to change and others I will have to think about the strategy.

3+ more days....The countdown is on! Stay tuned to this space.

Peace & Love

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