Sunday, November 9, 2014

Is It Just Me Or Do You Feel The Same Way?

I must admit once again what a big addict and fan I am of #GoogleAnalytics With that said, huge thanks to ALL the new visitors to my blog from countries worldwide, even as far as Australia and Poland! It's an honour to have you stop by :) Just to be clear I can't see your email/IP address or anything like that, just how many page views from each country, so feel free to get comfortable and visit often!

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Turtle Beach, Tobago
Tonight I did the usual post mortem of my most recent workshop and I reflected on all aspects of the content and delivery. Of course there are always ways to improve. There are questions to ask: Did I share too much?....Did I forget to say something?....

And interactions to access: Did I live up to my objectives? Did I inspire/motivate?....Did I assist with change....a catharsis/healing?....Did people get as much from it as I initially thought? A wise person told me a year ago to never make any claims in the first instance. But I digress...

I learnt a long time ago that I can't please everyone but I can certainly try! I know it's a seemingly futile feat but it's  a challenge I am willing to undergo. Just as a participant said at the workshop last night, that they want to rule/heal/fix the world...I wrote in my second book years before, that I always wanted to change the world. As I grew older I thought I did not have to do this in a grand way as I once figured, but in little ways I can influence change through my writing and then my all adds up. And it has started...

It first began locally (with a very prominent magazine), then regionally (Jamaica), now internationally and there are so many other things in store which I can't divulge at this time. A simple google search of my name has revealed that my articles have been shared as far as South Africa, the Philippines and a New York radio station. That blows my mind every time.

My blog which I started since November 2008 has spanned countries globally as far as China, France, Spain, Italy, various European countries, Mexico, India, the Caribbean and soo much more. Sometimes I hurt my head worrying why persons don't always comment and share, but the mere fact that they are reading I guess is motivation enough for me to continue doing what I'm doing. I must be doing something right...Right?

A person may not comment (positively) but maybe for some reason or another my thoughts/words doesn't resonate with them at this particular stage in their life, because they are not on that path. However I strongly believe that my messages have value whether original or not and the delivery coupled with my personal experiences can impact lives. It must be noted that the inspiration behind it was all original and divinely ordained.

I feel in my heart and soul that one day whether it's a week from now, a month or years from now...something I would have said may linger in their subconscious...(they may not even remember who said it)...but it's the hope that it would have caused some (however minor) shift in their thinking or modus operandi to improve their lives/relationships in some way...or allow them to find peace.

In my blog of September 18: "A Half Way Decent Life" (, I promised a Bucket Happiness List. So here it is. 

This pretty much sums up what happiness means to me:
  • Happiness or rather joy does not mean an all day shopping spree or material possessions. I've had that for many years and acquired most of what I now need to function comfortably and competently. Now that I have to make cut backs and necessary lifestyle changes for the growth of my business, I honestly don't miss it...I make do with what I have, I have fun in my own way and within my own circle of friends and family and I am totally content with that.
  • My time is flexible. I am free to do the things I choose to do with my day whether it's a meeting on location, cook, go to the gym, travel or spend quality time with family whenever I want. I can write at 3 am in the morning and wake up at noon (although I seldom do the latter as duty calls...very early sometimes).
  • Most of all, joy means being at peace, doing what I love and knowing that I am bringing about positive change/growth in myself and those around me. Joy means scratching off achieved goals on my to-do list of life. It means self-actualization and faith that I would get exactly where I need to be in time. It means concentrating on my own journey, less comparison and trusting God's timing and plan.
  • Joy is not allowing negativity to get the better of me. It's listening to that inner voice and continuing to do/improve me.

What does joy mean to you? Do share your thoughts by posting a comment...

Peace & Love

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  1. I received this comment today:

    Joy means completing what i set out to do, being free in my thinking, having genuine and real goals achieve while having fun at the fulfillment,making someone smile.


    Thanks Corlene!