Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happiness Squared!

Today (or rather yesterday) I hosted my workshop Charting Your Destiny for the rest of the board members of an association where I am appointed. I think this trumped the very first workshop that I did. 

Based on the feedback from the first and second sessions, as well as subsequent presentations at various companies, I incorporated new icebreakers and content to further enhance the experience of participants.

It worked! :-)

The first session was good...but persons were more engaged this time around.

I look at the pictures and you know what? We had a ball in the process. 

We shared, learnt, laughed (a lot) and loved. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside:)

Persons opened up and shared a great deal of personal memories, milestones and lessons that were once buried in the recesses of their minds. I felt touched and honoured to be part of something so memorable and moving. It was amazing.

I also shared some of my own very personal experiences and "Moment of Truths" that I don't usually speak about. 

I am new to the board so the members expressed their pleasure and gratitude for such revelations, as they had the opportunity to discover more about me and my very unique personality.

It's strange...but I've only known my colleagues for a few months, yet I felt comfortable and at ease sharing my innermost feelings, projections, discoveries and even vulnerabilities. What's more everyone embraced my position and offered support, empathy and advice as they were able to identify with some of my own experiences. 

It was a learning experience for me too. I not only learned about our shared human experience, but they also gave me tips and feedback on how I can improve my future sessions.

Every workshop I gain a little more confidence as I am able to relate a story and engage the participants upon a path of self-discovery and information sharing. I am sure we are closer as a team and able to understand each other more as we continue to work together as a unit.

As I said today...I really think this is where I belong (workshops/entrepreneurship) and I can't wait for what lies ahead as I continue to Chart my Destiny and work with other groups.

To my fellow colleagues: I thank you for the opportunity to share and I look forward to what's to come. Wishing you the very best in life, work and love.

Peace & Love.

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