Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why Feel Bad When People Leave or UN/DIS-LIKE?

Had to share this one! 

So I usually email my blogs to some of my friends and family whenever I post. Sometimes they comment, 99% of the time positively...this morning my friend Nigel told me that he did not like my post...when I asked why, this was his response!! 

"So basically

'LIke' no longer stands for that transient, impulse driven, non-permanent, often baseless, personal element of choice, expressed in relation to things like color, cars, design or even people and jokes. But 

'Like' seems to have become linked to a definition of character, a tool of craft for the great façade of our online persona, an ever-shifting metric of acceptance, the floating currency of popularity our trifling internet economy.

Alas, I will like what I like when I like it, and if I change what I like, I will reserve that right to do so without being harnessed to the choices and feelings of the moments past. I will not be made a liar by my former or future self but will remain a reflection of the now that I am, now!


Had to be a QRC boy! lol...I'm still laughing...

I was in fact feeling a bit offended since whenever I speak about God and spirituality, some persons from my facebook author's page or twitter account leave...why should I feel bad if a few ppl leave right? 

Silly me trying to please's impossible to do I know! Not everyone is going to see things your way or like the things you like no matter how strongly you feel or try to convince them.

But such is life...I try not to make this a religious blog, as I know everyone has different beliefs, but every now and then I must pay homage to the source of my inspiration and give credit where credit is due. 

I cannot sacrifice my beliefs and convictions and walk on eggshells for those that do not owe their abundant blessings to a Higher whichever name you call Him...He is ominipotent, omnipresent, supreme.

Moral of the lesson & Note to self: Don't take things soo personally.
Thank you Nigel Roach!!

I do wish that you would stay though! If you wish to follow my journey on facebook or twitter, you can do so here:

My twitter handle is @lyncorr

Until next time,
Peace & Blessed Love

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