Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nothing in Life Happens by Chance

Saw something earlier that said: Nothing in Life Happens by Chance. While I could not endorse everything, I had to add my own personal truths...which may differ from person to person and situation to situation. We all make choices every day that determine our reality. 

We were given free will to choose right or wrong, left or right...yes or no. When we deviate from this and move away from that inner voice (of God/Holy Spirit) that lives and speaks within all of us (depending on how well you nurture it) and act on a whim or fancy, we experience pain and displeasure. 

However, I agree that nothing in life happens by chance and for every (perceived) bad thing that happens to us, there is a silver lining and benefit(s) to be derived. 

Maybe something good happened despite the bad, maybe we learnt something about ourselves or others, maybe we've cultivated good memories, developed strength that we did not know we had, shared/healed ourselves or assisted those around us. 

Still yet in other cases, perhaps we were saved from something which could have had a worse outcome had we endured.

It's the weekend. While we're shedding our inhibitions and having fun, let's still remember to listen to that inner voice and make the right choices.

Even if we falter, it's all a part of life. What's important is that we learn the lessons, let go and move positively forward.

Peace & Love.

photo credit - Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas Tx, C.K. Correia 2012 All rights reserved

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  1. How true!! Just at times we dont see the silver lining.