Friday, May 9, 2014

You Hold the Key to your Heart

Another week ends in sweet tnt...lots of stuff happening over the last 7 days...some good, some bad, some indifferent...and some just ugly. The question is: do we allow the negative to taint us and prevent us from living life unfettered in the now?

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One of my friends said something interesting on social media last weekend and that was: (to paraphrase) many of us live in a bubble as we shield ourselves from reality in a false sense of utopia and protection. While on the road reading this message early Sunday morning, I asked myself: am I one of those people? She gave me much food for thought. 

My mechanic just the day before asked me what my thoughts were on migrating and I dismissed the notion at this point in my life, because I thought I had a "good life." But what is this good life we think we have? (Will get to that in a subsequent post). 

A lot of my family resides abroad and I never once gave it much thought because I always found there was no place like home. I always thought that if I did decide to change locations, it would be well into my later years when I no longer have ties to these shores. Many people say now is the time as it gets harder as you age...but to each his own...or her own...only time will tell what the future holds.

This week was a bit busy...just settling back into the groove after a week in paradise. I finalized some pending projects and made new business contacts. Many old connections have also been reaching out and making contact with me again and for this I am grateful for I thought some of those connections died a natural death and faded into the oblivion. 

I also learnt last night that it's good to give people the benefit of the doubt before "righting them off" in haste...because everyone has their own issues and baggage to deal with. Seems that despite the fact that two people may not communicate frequently, doesn't mean that you are no longer on their radar and vice versa. Some stay connected in thought and spirit. For some the bond may even transcend spatial and temporal barriers. 

For me...I always thought that if you project your thoughts with enough energy and good intentions, this can permeate even the most impermeable barriers. For some this is true, but others it remains an unsolved mystery. Out of sight...out of mind...or so it seems at least on the surface. Only the other person and God knows the truth.

Part of my "good life" is to be surrounded by truly wholesome people who support and uplift your spirit and enrich your heart and soul. I feel most of the time that I am blessed to have these people in my life. Some are closer than others, but the important thing is that they are always just a phone call, email or whatsapp message away and vice versa. I've received all sorts of advice over the last week about my impending projects, but at the end of the day...I have to make my own decisions based on my gut feeling. 

As a friend also opinion is just as good as anyone else's! I agree but sometimes you may appreciate the perspective, experience and specialities of another. Sometimes it is difficult to step out of your little box and see yourself and your situation from the outside. Yet, it is important to have your own voice and identity at the end of the day, otherwise you would just get lost and blown any which way in the wind and overcome by the opinions and biases of others. I have always prided myself in making decisions and having the will to proceed with intent but of late...I've failed to listen to what I truly want and need. I need to listen to my heart and regain that control.

Yesterday and today I made myself still and blocked out the external "noise" and listened to my heart. Though I am still working out some things, the solutions to some of my "problems" were resolved just like that! The answers just popped into my head as I closed my eyes and waited. #ThePowerOfPrayer

Strange enough I notice whenever I speak about faith, prayer and God, some persons remove themselves from my facebook author's page and twitter...but I will still scream it from the rooftops...

God is great...Never doubt it! 

He is working for me and through me and so many others...Trust in Him.

Cheers to the weekend....Make it Count...I plan on doing so...

Peace & Love

My mid week get away - photo credit © C. K. Correia

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