Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Happens when our Whimsical Daydream Doesn't work out...

A change in scenery does wonders for your mind and soul.

Here I am with you again on the last day of April...(it will probably be May by the time I finish writing this post). You may have noticed that I was missing in action for a few days...some of you may have been saying YAY! No more emails, tweets, facebook and google shares! But seriously...I was enjoying some much needed R&R on the sister isle of Tobago...A tinge of sadness even washed over me as I drove off the ferry onto Wrightson Road heading towards the Audrey Jeffers highway:(

My long awaited inspiration my home-away-from-home...was perfect...almost...

This is what I would have said before I read my friend Maxine's blog post as I travelled home on the ferry...check out what she had to say here>>

What I loved about my mini vacay

Before I get to what's perfect and imperfect...I must acknowledge and give thanks for the last 7 days. One of my friends who I met while living in paradise last year was wonderful enough to let me stay at her place and take over her life for a week...I forewarned her about all of my foibles on the first night and now she knows me a little better and vice versa. Over dinner on Monday night in particular and during our many chat sessions, I feel as though I've connected in a real way and our bond grew stronger...I hope! I am in the midst of a transition and I feel like I have made a giant mental leap in the right direction all due to her and her fiancée. It's like this: everybody was offering their 2 cents and advice -- some of which you already know to yourself and it would sink in and work for a few hours or a day or two at best, then one person comes along and says almost the same thing in a different way and it's like shining a bright light into a crevice that was once dark. Bells went off in my head and I knew I was being silly for being stuck in the way in which I have been for almost 3 months!

Our Whimsical Daydreams

Sometimes you picture something in your head...and in your clouded unrealistic expect it to turn out this way and get the closure you need. But reality steps in and you realize that things don't always go as planned and turn out the way you expect. Maxine's post and my friends urgings remind me that though I've lived most of my life getting exactly what I want, I am now an adult (have been for a good decade and then some!)...and no matter how much I protest or obsess about things; in real life you don't always get what you want. 

People are all different and act in odd, irrational and at times unkind ways...they don't always do what you want....they disappoint and don't live up to expectations leaving you with more questions than answers. Sometimes life even mess up, but you are in control up to a certain point by the choices and decisions you make as we all have free will. But you know what's even better? God never disappoints once you place all of your trust and faith in Him and try to live according to His plan. It is important to listen and pay attention to the signs...the red flags that are designed to halt you in your tracks. Ask for a spirit of discernment so as to choose wisely and wisdom and strength to follow through.

The good, the bad and the ugly

These experiences are all meant to make us well balanced and stronger persons and in the end we have the power to make our life a wonderful experience. We can either grumble and bemoan our fate and ask why me while we wallow in despair, or we can open our eyes to the camouflaged realities and beauties of the world and people around us. We can try to make the most of what we have and transform it into something meaningful and beautiful. It's not gonna be easy and we may falter and lose our cool and gumption a few times. But if we keep at it, we can build a momentum and in the process learn and accept the lessons. Soon our purpose in every situation we find ourselves in throughout this journey will become clear as day. I am still coming to terms with life's harsh realities but no one is PERFECT! And as the song goes: "...I never promised you a rose garden..." Must read that book Max!

Unplanned beauties

I made many plans and some things I did not plan to do. Am I disappointed by the ones that did not work out? At first yes...but everything has a way of working out for the best (that's another blog post!). I am grateful for the plans that did in fact work out. And the ones that I did not plan made this trip even more special. Thanks for the invitations to Jazz on the Beach...and another beach lime I regret passing up. 

Having a glass of Moscato at the Pasta Gallery
Thanks to my bro for the lime (hang out) and cooking for me on my first day and to my favourite chef for Sunday lunch and a lovely afternoon lime. I am still salivating at the image of your baked fish in my mind's eye! 

Thanks for ALL of the people that fed me on most days including my roomies. So glad I only ended up cooking one day! Thanks for the overpriced, unsatisfying dinner and poor service at what used to be one of my fav I know not to go back! We all had a good

Thanks to the Pasta Gallery for opening their doors...Fabricio doesn't know how many people he makes happy! Thanks to my friends for the wonderful company and laughs. 

Thank you to my old neighbour who made me happy with all of those yummy fruits and vegetables. Always uplifting and inspirational! My old colleagues made my afternoon with their warm reception, support, well wishes, book sales and business advice...I think this ties for dinner at the Pasta Gallery! It was 2 hours well spent. I even received kudos from one of my old directors while I stopped to have dinner on Saturday night.

Thanks for drinks last night at Villas at Stonehaven Curlyn! You always make me laugh:) 

To all the people I couldn't get to see but spoke with on the phone...your voice on the other end of the line was so no time has passed...yes Fern and Steffon I owe you all a lime! Soooon...I promise...July hopefully or my soonest available moment...

For now I am trying to stay in my happy place as long as possible and keep my glow...

Love you all...muah!

Until next time...xoxo

Happy May! 

Our dreams lie just over the horizon if only we believe...

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